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Cosmos NFTs - Cryptocurrency Degens NFT 4 Purposes - Long-Term Utility Benefits - Change Lives - PFP - Blockchain Gifting - Omniflix Network, Sifchain, Crosschain NFT Interoperability - ICS721 Standard

The Cryptocurrency Degenerates (CDGS) NFT Art Project has 4 main goals: 

(1) Provide long-term utility benefits to owners

It is essential that the collection be sold out because this will initiate the commencement of long term partnership with other projects that will provide CDGS NFT holders with ongoing utility benefits. Utility benefits will be sought on an ongoing basis and will continue to accrue over time. The power of having approximately 8000 individuals who own an NFT will incentivise partnerships. What projects would not want 8000 individuals participating on their platform. For this they will offer enticing rewards. This applies to not only successful projects but to other innovative projects seeking to be noticed in a highly competitive environment. Additionally, Cosmos is working on an interchain NFT ICS721 standard which will allow NFTs to be interoperable between chains in the Cosmos ecosystem. This will obviously create huge opportunities for NFTs owners who have invested in the right projects as their utility will not only be limited to the original  launch/mint blockchains. The reader is encouraged to use some imagination to envision the future potential.

(2) Provide help for selected individuals to achieve self-reliance 

As is well known by those who have taken interest in this project, one of the main purposes is to help selected individuals achieve greater self-reliance in their lives. This will be accomplished by providing funds for skills based training which will act as a stepping stone for individual growth and development, resulting in improved social status and a higher quality of living. This for many will be a form of a miracle and a God given blessing - enabling positive change. The CDGS project intends to change one life at a time. Each individual life is considered to be of immeasurable worth. It is considered to be of great value to change even one life. 

(3) Provide excellent Profile Picture Art – PFP 

Another purpose of the Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFTs is for the purpose of profile picture art (PFP). PFP has become very popular and has been adopted on Twitter by many as a status symbol. Those who own for example a Cryptopunk or bored Ape Yacht Club NFT are noticed and respected within the crypto community. Although, in its infancy the CDGS NFT project aspires to share a similar status in the future. The Cosmos ecosystem is constantly developing and innovating. NFTs will soon be interoperable within the ecosystem and in time interoperable with other blockchains out of the ecosystem. Recently, it was announced that Cardano assets will now be interoperable with Cosmos through the Sifchain Dex (Other cross chain opportunities exist in the Cosmos ecosystem, this is only one example).  This is only the beginning and NFTs will in time be included. 

(4) Provide a new form of blockchain NFT gifting - Ape

Another purpose of the CDGS project is to provide a new form of blockchain gifting. Over time the collection will grow in value and become sought after. Projects can at this early stage invest in CDGS NFTs and use them to reward members of their community. Once the collection is sold out and over time distributed over many blockchains within the Cosmos ecosystem, as well as cross-chain to other blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Cronos and others, their uniqueness and inherent value will be recognised. Many would have noticed the ape nose of the NFT character. This was intentional in design because cryptocurrency degenerates love to make money from crypto and ape-in to opportunities. 

Opportunity Knocks - Will You Recognise it?

The CDGS   NFT project offers an opportunity to invest in an NFT that has potential to offer a high yield return in the future. Currently an NFT can be purchased for a few dollars on Omniflix Network. Many enthusiasts who are currently aligned with the Eth, BSC, ADA, Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche or Polygon blockchains, for instance, may not have the foresight to understand that in time all these blockchains will become interoperable along with their token assets and NFTs repositories. It is worth your time to learn how to use Cosmos if you are currently not using the ecosystem. It will take you less than an hour to learn the basics and get set up - this in turn will provide many new opportunities now and in the future. Be one of those who invests in the right NFT long before it becomes and asset of great value. 


The links below will help you to learn how to mint a CDGS NFT on Omniflix and also how to use Cosmos  (Video How to Mint Step-By-Step Omniflix Cosmos)  (Buy an NFT - scroll down to the CDGS project and click mint  (Twitter)  (Telegram) (Website) (Blog) (Discord

Join the rare art collection community! Price 1 Juno on the Omniflix Network (A few dollars)



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Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project
Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project

The Cryptocurrency Degenerates project is a collection of 10 000 NFT characters. Globally many people are experiencing harsh financial difficulties for extended periods of time. The reasons are numerous but in many instances, it is simply because they have not had the opportunity to acquire skills or get an adequate education. The Cryptocurrency Degenerates (CDGS) Project intends to help such people by changing one life at a time.

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