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Forget about mining your favorite cryptocurrencies, why bother investing thousands of dollars over an equipment and spending too much on electricity when there are much cheaper alternatives that do quite the same? The Proof of Stake (PoS) to be exact, has been a steadily growing algorithm and many existing coins to this day have been accustomed to benefit in this kind of mechanism. Masternodes on the other hand, is a unique way of generating income passively.

Staking and Masternodes are commonly operated together, they are both consensus mechanisms that are vital for verifying, distributing coins and producing new blocks. Although they are quite related, staking and masternodes are entirely two different worlds of the same universe. Both functions even without the help of electricity and an external hardware, and allows validators (users) to generate their own rewards for validating different transactions. The only difference is how they do their work; staking relies solely on the coin to validate in order to generate profit as for masternodes, it cannot create new blocks. However, it can boost the function of the PoS technology by eradicating unwanted blocks that could possibly put the network at risk, thus securing the network. To put it simply, they are more like sisters, not twins.


Staking & Masternodes both give you a passive income

The key points of staking:

  • Functions using the coin
  • Produce new blocks, verify and distribute new coins
  • Earn commissions through validating transactions
  • Determines where to assign the nodes
  • No amount of coins required to stake
  • Wallet is required as a medium

They key points of a masternode:

  • Cannot produce blocks
  • Can verify transactions
  • Cannot stand on its own
  • It's like staking, but with more security add-on
  • There is a required amount of coins to lock
  • Better earnings are attained


Alright! Now that the definitions of masternodes and staking are crystal clear, I bet you're wondering where can you possibly get both of these services and make the most out of your rewards at the same time. Whether it's for staking and/or masternode, I suggest trying out MyCointainer.

MyCointainer is an all-in-one staking provider with an advanced PoS Technology. It is one of the fastest growing platforms out there that offers staking and shared masternode services, with over 45+ coins to stake. MyCointainer prioritizes every users convenience and gives each the benefit of earning.



Aside from being an excellent medium to stake, MyCointainer also offers MyCointainer Power - a "stake-all" masternode service that lets you enjoy 100% of rewards since all staking fees are cut to 0%. Here, users can take their earnings on another level since all PoS and masternode coins are granted to access and even gives them the opportunity to help community causes around the globe. It automatically generates stable income for you, so you don't have to stress about it any more. It comes with a great monthly subscription plan that is definitely worth the investment. With MyCointainer Power Plan, your earning experience will undoubtedly exceed your expectations!

MyCointainer Power Plan comes with 2 amazing features - Power Plus and Power Max. See what suits you the best using the picture down below:


MyCointainer Power Plan


MyCointainer gives everyone the opportunity to earn using their platform. There is no limit to whom may use their service, people all around the globe are welcome to the community. Technical skills aren't required to make money with this platform - all you have to do is 1.) stake 2.) sit back 3.) and watch your rewards grow!

Benefits of MyCointainer as your staking and masternode provider:

  • Offers both staking and shared masternode
  • Easier Fiat to Crypto gateway
  • Simple to use
  • All rewards (big or small) are subject to compound interest - doesn't matter how much coins are available
  • Gives you the opportunity to voice out and help through a community fund
  • All assets are secured and safe in the platfrom
  • Has a "Refer a Friend" feature that gives you 20% of the power whenever you refer someone
  • Has the lowest staking fee of all the staking providers, with only 0-9%

Right now, everyone who deposits FIAT at MyCointainer will have free coins as a bonus giveaway! Choose between 500 Electra Coins or 1000 Rapids for as a gift for your purchase.

Staying at home is the best the we all can do to together to flatten the curve. What makes it more interesting is knowing that you can earn even in the comfort of your home. MyCointainer allows you to generate profit while doing your everyday routine. Start earning now! Visit:

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Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer
Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer

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