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I have recently posted My Investment List 2020 and this review is my reasons why I think this coin is a good investment. I came into knowledge this coin existed through twitter and when did some research and read the white paper I saw it has potential.

DigiByte blocks are mined every fifteen seconds (compared to the Bitcoin blockchain, which produces blocks every ten minutes. ... This is around 40x faster than Bitcoin, which can hold only 7 transactions per second, or Ethereum, which can process 15 transactions per second.

Unlike bitcoin which takes around 10 minutes to confirm a transaction digibyte takes less than 15 seconds to confirm a transaction. This makes digibyte suitable for day to day transactions.

Furthermore, digibyte is secure since it uses 5 secure and advanced algorithms which avoids centralisation of mining as well.

Digibyte also have a strong community working behind the technology which in turn adds to the scope of growth.


DigiByte is a rapidly growing open-source blockchain created in late 2013 and released in early 2014. After 6 years of forward thinking development, DigiByte has become one of the safest, fastest, longest and most decentralized UTXO blockchain in existence. DigiByte is a rapidly growing open-source blockchain created in late 2013 and released in early 2014. After 6 years of forward thinking development, DigiByte has become one of the safest, fastest, longest and most decentralized UTXO blockchain in existence. 


So in my personal opinion I think DigiByte is around for the long run. It is listed on a great deal of markets trading with BTC/ETH/USDT on most sites. 


All Markets



DGB/BTC $ 0.025589 $ 8.75M 



DGB/USDT $ 0.025715 $ 3.06M 



DGB/BNB $ 0.025558 $ 584,226 



DGB/BUSD $ 0.025004 $ 309,036 



DGB/USDT $ 0.025595 $ 7.17M 



DGB/BTC $ 0.025589 $ 3.74M 



DGB/BTC $ 0.025551 $ 3.53M 



DGB/USD $ 0.025760 $ 670,568 



DGB/USDT $ 0.025406 $ 536,274 



DGB/ETH $ 0.025645 $ 147,852 



DGB/BTC $ 0.025684 $ 134,256 


Huobi Global

DGB/BTC $ 0.024409 $ 90,769 



DGB/USD $ 0.025257 $ 88,213 


Huobi Global

DGB/ETH $ 0.024223 $ 29,895 



DGB/BTC $ 0.025399 $ 20,236 



DGB/USDT $ 0.017003 $ 3 



 DGB/BTC $ 0.025391 $ 748,135 



DGB/ETH $0.025634 $215,701



DGB/USDT $0.02567 $424,492


The DigiByte blockchain is now known worldwide and everyone wants a piece of the profit 

DigiByte blockchain stats 6 years surpassed 11241876 blocks produced 305367 nodes downloaded   Further information from DigiByte.   

Easy to use.

Getting started to use DigiByte is even easier than sending an SMS. You can send and receive DigiBytes using the devices you already know and love. All you need is installing a DigiByte supported wallet then click scan, scan the QR code and send DigiByte. As easy as 1..2..3.


Not an ICO.

DigiByte has never been funded through an ICO or significant amount of premined coins (0% remaining). There is no CEO or a company controlling the DigiByte blockchain. The founderdevelopers and the community are unpaid volunteers that eliminate the bankrupt risk.


Much faster.

DigiByte transactions are confirmed in approx. 15 seconds, which is 40 times faster than Bitcoin and 10 times faster than Litecoin. SegWit enables up to 1066 on-chain transactions per second and negligible fees make DigiByte the ideal currency for daily payments.


Always secure.

DigiByte has been built on the uncrackable technology of the Bitcoin blockchain and implemented various advanced enhancements over it such as DigiShield guard, MultiAlgo mining and the Odocrypt algorithm. Also Dandelion++ privacy protocol helps keep you safe by hiding your IP and physical location. Learn more.



DigiByte is a 100% Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain that can be mined with five algorithms called Sha256, Scrypt, Skein, Qubit and Odocrypt. MultiAlgo mining contributes to decentralization, security of the network and gives you the freedom to use different kind of hardware's such as an ASIC a FPGA or a GPU. Learn more.


Manageable units.

Compared to 21 million Bitcoin, 21 billion DigiByte (1000:1 ratio to BTC) have been designed to be ready for mass adoption. DigiByte block rewards reduces by 1% every month instead of halving every 4 years. All 21 billion DigiByte will be mined by the year 2035. After 2035 the miners will then rely on transaction fees alone.


There is the twitter link for there page for anymore info. 

There is also alot of video online via YouTube giving a great deal of info and reason why Digibyte is a good investment. 


Thank you for reading! 






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