Cryptocurrencies Up and Down, 7 November 2020

Cryptocurrencies Up and Down, 7 November 2020

Welcome to the second episode of our daily appointment in the world of cryptocurrencies.

First I want to thank the over 100 readers who decided to read my first article yesterday, I hope you will increase more and more.

So let's see together today's changes for the main cryptocurrencies.



As always we start from bitcon, the undisputed number 1, which after a few good days, and a week of continuous improvements, closes today in negative, even if slightly.

Its valuation remains over $ 15,000.




The day was very different for the ethereum, with a slow but steady increase.

The interest in this cryptocurrency continues to increase, even in the world of online games, and my advice for investors is to follow it with great attention.



Also Litecoin, the other big old cryptocurrency, has been stable for a couple of days, with a value of around 60 dollars, and does not seem destined to change in a short time.



Yesterday I presented the Tron, a much loved currency in the world of gamers, and even today I want to introduce a new Coin, the Tether.

This relatively new currency is one of the most bought and sold in this period, but has remained perfectly stable today. It is worth around $ 1


This second article on the world of cryptocurrencies ends here, in the next few days I will also introduce the world of online games that accept cryptocurrencies and allow you to earn, if you are interested continue to follow me and give me your support.              




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Cryptocurrenciy Up and Down
Cryptocurrenciy Up and Down

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