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Hello everyone! Today, I would like to tell you another experience about Orion Terminal since it had launched. Many of you may think that when I say the word 'Terminal', is just another exchange made by some other team and another ordinary exchange. Well, let me break the glass for you. Orion Terminal is not like any other exchange that is ordinary you are thinking of.

If you want to know about the entire Orion Protocol's ecosystem, I also did a blog post about it here:

But for now, I wanna share with you how I am so excited to trade using their Orion Terminal. What is Orion Terminal in a nutshell? It does aggregate the liquidity of all DEXes and CEXes and both of its order books into one! Therefore, it would give you perfect real-time liquidity for you if you want to buy a particular asset with no slippage and the lowest fees! Aside from that, you would be able to have access to the unlimited liquidity DEXes and CEXes give.

Let me show you some of the screenshots from my account when I am trading with their Terminal. If you see below, I have drawn an arrow towards the right-hand corner of the Orion terminal. Notice that familiar logos? Those are Binance and Kucoin exchange logos! Their liquidity is being plugged-in and aggregated to the Orion Terminal to give me the best prices for the best volume. Making me as an investor having a value for my crypto being swapped in the exchange. It shows there already the price, amount, and total of a specific pair I am trading into.



Next, I checked the pairings on the Orion Terminal and I found out that there are already prominent projects that are being integrated with ORN terminal. Take a look at this!


Those are my favorite pairs and Orion terminal has it! especially the UNI token which is I am especially bullish alongside with $ORN token as well because of the utility it gives to the ORN ecosystem. Next is I wanna emphasize to you guys BTMX token as well. Imagine, that is BITMAX. Why would an exchange already, partner/integrate with ORION terminal right? Because Bitmax sees the potential with the terminal. I am telling you guys, the interface of the exchange of Orion is pretty straight forward and simple to use than Uniswap exchange because the team behind the Orion terminal lists and verifies the smart contracts to be listed. So you will be assured that the tokens being listed are the legitimate ones.

Let me also list some of my insights about why Orion will be the next big thing than just DEXES and CEXES because of aggregation.

A. Connect with Orion terminal non-custodial way

---> You can connect with this exchange/terminal with just your web3 wallet like Metamask and just approve and deposit your assets to the Orion terminal easily because it already scans your wallet balances. What an innovation!

B. Liquidity depth and order books into one

---> You do not need to jump from one exchange to another just to get the best prices. Because with Orion, you can make this a reality and with just a few clicks, you can trade to the best volume you need with no slippage anymore! Real-time prices.

C. Arbitrage opportunities

---> With Orion Terminal, because of the aggregated prices, once you trade, you can already have the real-time prices. Because of that, you are more than has the advantage over those trading bots front-running trades. Given that advantage, you can really have seen the price difference from different exchanges and if you want, you may just trade it in there after trading from Orion Terminal to get the arbitrage profit.


Swap feature


---> I was amazed because not only they do have the aggregated order books and liquidity in the trading terminal but also they do have what Uniswap has such as the easy swap interface like the one above. For the liquidity pool lovers trading.

To summarize my review about the terminal usage, I am happy that I am able to try it and will use it more from now on guys! Because before, I do not know how to arbitrage trade because I do not know if the ones on the crypto tracking metrics are being oracled or not. In this Orion terminal, it is oracled and supported by a DYCO as well from DAO Maker making sure that it is being able to meet its milestones. I also got ORN tokens to be able to make things better for us all!

For more information, you may check their website and social media channels below.








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