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francis esparagoza

Volentix: Trade across any Blockchain simply, safely and without middlemen. Plus different components in the Volentix ecosystem for the people and cryptocurrencies

12 Jun 2019 5 minute read francis esparagoza $0.07 tipped

  Good morning everyone! Today I would like to discuss with you guys about Volentix blockchain and its Digital Asset Ecosystem also known as the Volentix (DAE) or digital assets ecosystem. Volentix has been founded by passionate and techie individua...

Betbox: Betting on everything, everywhere redefined. Blockchain decentralization for betting revolution.

21 Apr 2019 5 minute read francis esparagoza $0.04 tipped

What's up guys, here I am again to discuss about a developed decentralized betting app called Betbox. Betbox is a project made envisioned by our very own Founder and CEO- Mr. Stefan Godly. Let me talk about first about the fundamentals and how Betbo...

Gingr: A blockchain-based booking platform for adult services with a vision for worldwide adoption and partners!

20 Apr 2019 6 minute read francis esparagoza $0.04 tipped

Good day guys! It is me again Mr. Decentralized and let me talk to you about one of the controversial talks about blockchain. This is about Gingr. Wherein anywhere in the world, you could book deals with prostitutes also called as "Gingrs". Alright,...

CoinCasso: A multifunctional and multi-layered hybrid platform combining the features of centralized and decentralized exchange with profit sharing for CoinCasso holders

13 Mar 2019 4 minute read francis esparagoza $0.01 tipped

    CoinCasso, a masterpiece project for the blockchain community made by blockchain enthusiast and with technical expertise of people in the IT industry lead by 2 of engineers Mr. Luke Ozimski and Mr. Marek Ozimski. I saw their experience and being...

WolfPackBOT: The trading bot that helps you trade effortlessly and be a trading master!

12 Mar 2019 5 minute read francis esparagoza $0.01 tipped

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Today let us talk about something phenomenal when it comes to trading. I do love trading as well as investing whether for short term or long term. With Wolfpack bot, it is now possible to be able to make trades lik...

BEXAM: The generation 2.0 of Blockchain with DAG/Hybrid platform and Bexam Exchange

23 Jan 2019 5 minute read francis esparagoza $0.01 tipped

A great day to all of you guys that are in the cryptocurrency space and longing for my new ICO review! Well, here we go again and let me explore with you guys this new innovation for our cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Let me introduce you BEXAM...

Ethereum Classic Vision: The perfect fusion of decentralization, scalability and security for a successful blockchain.

8 Jan 2019 5 minute read francis esparagoza $0.71 tipped

  During my early times in cryptocurrency market way back the last quarter of 2016, I got interested first with Bitcoin obviously because it is the first cryptocurrency in the coin market space. Then here comes Ethereum. If Bitcoin was the diamond of...

Enkronos: When reaching the hardcap meets the hardcore blockchain fundamentals for growth

7 Jan 2019 5 minute read francis esparagoza $0.01 tipped

What's up guys! It is me again your blockchain advocate and blogger Mr. Decentralized. If you remembered my past blog about Enkronos which has a massive followings and perfect project for us blockchain enthusiasts, I have good news for you guys, they...

Hyperbridge: The decentralized platform for game developers, gamers and blockchain enthusiasts

1 Jan 2019 5 minute read francis esparagoza $1.80 tipped

A happy new year to all of us here at crypto space! I do hope that all of you guys have a blessed and bountiful new year. Alright, since it's a new year. It is time again for a new projects incoming this 2019 at the blockchain world. We need to have...

PLAZA SYSTEMS: A review for the world's fastest blockchain designed for E-Commerce.

25 Dec 2018 6 minute read francis esparagoza $0.03 tipped

Good morning everyone as well as a Merry Christmas to all of us here on cryptospace. Happy holidays! I hope all of us are enjoying a hearty meal with our loved ones and family. This year has been really a fruitful year to all of us. Today guys, let...