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I am a Computer engineer,cryptocurrency enthusiast, gamer, Action figure collector, Agriculturist and investor

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Ethereum Classic Vision: The perfect fusion of decentralization, scalability and security for a successful blockchain.

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  During my early times in cryptocurrency market way back the last quarter of 2016, I got interested first with Bitcoin obviously because it is the first cryptocurrency in the coin market space. Then here comes Ethereum. If Bitcoin was the diamond of...

Enkronos: When reaching the hardcap meets the hardcore blockchain fundamentals for growth

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What's up guys! It is me again your blockchain advocate and blogger Mr. Decentralized. If you remembered my past blog about Enkronos which has a massive followings and perfect project for us blockchain enthusiasts, I have good news for you guys, they...

Hyperbridge: The decentralized platform for game developers, gamers and blockchain enthusiasts

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A happy new year to all of us here at crypto space! I do hope that all of you guys have a blessed and bountiful new year. Alright, since it's a new year. It is time again for a new projects incoming this 2019 at the blockchain world. We need to have...