My Thoughts on Current Markets-94

Euro - dollar parity is at 1.0843. I will be watching the 1.09 resistance this week. Below is currently the 1.0750 support level. I will continue to follow this band range of 1.0750 - 1.09 for this week.

Ounce gold is at the 2027 dollar level. A bit busier than last week. Especially for this week, the 2000 dollar support level is above the 2050 resistance level. I would like to state that I will follow the 2000 - 2050 dollar range for this week.

The ounce price of silver started the week with selling at $22.54. We were tracking the $22.80 support level. It's currently below that. Again, the $22 support level seems to be working. $22 is a strong support level. There may be upward movements again from here.

We have an oil price of 81.21 dollars. This week I will follow the $78 - $83 range. There may be drops below the $80 level. But I will be watching the $83 resistance in upward movements again.

Bitcoin is at a 2% premium today at $52140. The reason for the rises on the Bitcoin side is the sales on the gold side and the commodity side. You know, as I explained before, those who sell gold are switching to bitcoin. Those who sell Bitcoin are switching to gold. Currently, there is a decrease of 0.50 points, or half a point, in the ounce of gold. Here, we observe that they are taking positions in the cryptocurrency market. However, the upward movements and increases experienced in bitcoin are not felt in altcoins. In altcoins, investors were again unable to recover their losses. It's been almost 3 years. They have not been able to recover their losses for 3 years. I would like to mention the $48000 support level again. Again, there is a support level below the $50000 level, either at 49000 or 48000, but below the $50000 level, and these places can work.

The dollar index is at $103.79. Last week, it was above the $104 level. There is some pullback now. If ounces of gold and silver are declining despite the retreat in the dollar index, it means that the decline here will continue when the dollar index rises. As I stated last week, my short-term negative expectation and downward expectation for gold and silver prices continues.

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