My Thoughts on Current Markets-88

Euro - dollar parity is at 1.0775. As inflation data in the United States came in higher than expected on Tuesday, there was a sale in all assets against the dollar. All instruments such as euro - dollar parity, sterling - dollar parity, ounce gold, ounce silver were on sale. Calm down, don't panic, these are not permanent declines, take care of your assets, I had warnings that the rises will continue again. We have a euro-dollar parity that will finish the week at 1.075 again. I have level 1.09 on my radar. I continue to expect 1.12 and then 1.15 by the end of this year.

Ounce of gold is at 2013 dollar level. As you know, this week it fell to 1985 dollars. We saw a sale of exactly 45 dollars per ounce of gold. Gold investors panicked. It is an opportunity for investors considering investing in gold. Because we will determine a new band range in new upward movements. But these band intervals changed during the week. We would follow the range of 1950 - 2000 dollars. I will continue to follow the range of 2000 - 2050 dollars in ounce gold, which completed the week at 2000 dollars.

Ounce silver is currently finishing the week with a 2% increase at $23.39. The $24 level is on my radar. Silver makes you wait for months and makes you a king in one month. Silver is such an investment tool. He who is patient always continues to eat the cream of silver.

We are completing the week with an increase in oil prices, at the level of 83.11 dollars. I will follow the $84 resistance. So it continues to hover around the $80 - $85 range. There may be a sell-off again after the $84 level. But now we observe that even oil prices have completed the week with an increase.

Investors in the cryptocurrency market were excited and hopeful this week. Festivities, holidays on social media and so on. This is because it rose to the $52000 level. My new band range is $50000 - $55000. It rose to the level of 52000 dollars, but a sale of 4000 dollars should come. I had warnings below to be prepared for the $48000 level. My same prediction applies. On the Bitcoin side, I will continue to see the $48000 level as the support level and the $52000 level as the resistance level.

All assets against the dollar finished the week with an increase. We saw fake declines on Tuesday and Wednesday. But they all turned out to be balloons. We also saw declines on Thursday. It closed strongly on Friday, causing losses to those who sold it.

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