My Thoughts on Current Markets-86

Euro - dollar parity is at 1.0790 level. I have often stated, especially last week, that figures below 1.08 offer a buying opportunity. Currently, it continues to provide buying opportunities. I will follow the 1.09 resistance this week at the 1.0790 level. We will continue to see reaction increases in the euro - dollar parity this week. There is no change in my expectation for the level of 1.12 and then 1.15 for this year.

An ounce of gold is at the 2025 dollar level. I expect an increase on the ounce gold side this week. The 2018 - 2058 dollar range I follow remains valid. I expect an uptick in reaction this week. I foresee an increase up to 2050 dollars. We are at the 2025 dollar level. I expect us to have an ounce of gold that wants to test the 2050 resistance again this week.

The ounce price of silver started the week with a 0.84% premium at $22.80. Here I will watch the $23.60 level as a resistance level this week. I expect an increase of almost 1 dollar in the ounce price of silver. My prediction for the ounce price of silver to reach 32 dollars in the medium and long term for this year still continues.

Oil prices are above the $82 level. We have an oil price that wants to stay in the range of 80 - 85 dollars. On this side, I will follow the $84 resistance this week to see if it will break upwards. It can continue to be visited this week in the range of 80 - 85 dollars.

There are $50000 levels on the bitcoin side in the cryptocurrency market. Since the pressure and uncertainty here still continues, I can say that I continue my cautious wait on the bitcoin side.

Inflation data in America, which is announced in the second week of every month, is very important data for global markets. This is probably the general expectation of the markets for inflation data announced as 3.1%. I think that after the inflation data is announced in America today, we will see upward movements in assets against the dollar and instruments such as euro, sterling, gold and silver. That's why today is important. In this process, global markets focus not only on central banks, but also geopolitical tensions from the Middle East continue to strain the markets.

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