My Thoughts on Current Markets-83

Euro - dollar parity is at 1.0773. I would like to remind you that my expectations for this year continue at 1.12 and then 1.15.

There are upward movements again on the ounce gold side. In particular, I stated that the 2018 dollar level was a strong support level. With the recovery from here, we may encounter an increase targeting the 2058 resistance. The range of 2018 - 2058 dollars is important for us. It continues to circulate in this band range and currently the ounce of gold is at the level of 2042 dollars. In other words, the first resistance level has now been broken upwards at the $2038 level. I will continue to watch the $2058 resistance.

The ounce price of silver is at $22.38. There was a support level of 22.50 here. It sagged below this. I will now continue to watch the $20.40 support level. There is a pressure caused by the ratio. However, the pressure on silver in the medium and long term is not permanent. Again, my expectation for the 32 dollar level for this year continues.

There was a decrease in oil prices yesterday. Today, it is at the level of $ 79.17, trying to recover a little more. Oil prices, which were at $79, were again stuck in the range of $75 - $80. The first resistance level is $80. I expect it to trade in the $80 - $85 range.

The horizontal trend in the cryptocurrency market continues. Bitcoin at $43254. The repression process continues here. When we look at the market in general terms, it is a boring week. Central banks took control. Since they all agreed together, they continue to keep all the instruments under pressure. Frightening data continues to come from global markets and countries. The spooky headlines keep coming. Statements that escalate geopolitical tension continue to come. Despite these, we all observe that there is no pricing in the markets and the market is directed in a controlled manner. Especially when commodity prices remain below their real value, it is seen that the central banks are again manipulating this band range, which is stuck in a certain band range in dollar assets, dollar index and cryptocurrency market. Therefore, even though it has been a boring week, I would especially like to remind you that we are going through a period where you need to take care of your assets.

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