My Thoughts on Current Markets-80

I thought that by drawing attention to the dollar index, we could target the $104 level. This thought still remains valid. This week, the US Central Bank, the FED, had an interest rate decision. In line with the expectations of the markets, interest rates were not changed and therefore the horizontal course in the markets was maintained this week. Again, the dollar index continues to try to stay above the 103 level at 103.57. Maybe next week, after testing the $104 level, it will try 102 again. Of course, we followed the inflation data, especially on the European side. We also followed non-agricultural employment data in America. This week was a tense and busy week. But we are completing the week with tight pricing.

Euro - dollar parity continues to try to hold on above the 1.08 level. The dollar strengthened after the non-farm payrolls data was released. When the dollar index rose in international markets, a sale was possible in all assets against the dollar. It rose to 1.09 level. Today we saw a fluctuation in the euro-dollar parity in a wide band range of 1.0791 - 1.0897. My expectation is stable again at 1.12 and then 1.15. I continue to see the Euro as cheap.

Ounce of gold and silver with ounce sellers. There was an increase today. There were rapid rises. However, it was withdrawn sharply after the data was released. Every retreating commodity represents a buying opportunity for me. Today, it carried out transactions in the range of 2028 - 2058 dollars. It carried out transactions in wide band range. There is a difference of $20. It is currently at $2034. The 2000 - 2050 dollar range remains valid, but the declines are not permanent. Drops are a buying opportunity. The first level to be on its radar is the $2070 level. That's why the 2030 dollar level, the 2020 dollar level, the 2000 dollar level, that is, any numerical value below the 2050 dollar level is a cheap pricing for me. Therefore, the declines are not permanent and it is useful to evaluate them accordingly.

This week, I had said that the support level of $ 22.50 per ounce of silver is above the resistance level of $ 24, follow these band intervals. Today, it traded between $22.40 and $23.20. It is currently 3% sold at the $22.50 support level. It lost more value than gold due to the ratio. Those who want to buy silver, here is your opportunity. These opportunities are not available throughout the year. I can say that these opportunities also offer good opportunities for silver investors. Silver is quite cheap compared to gold.

There are sharp declines in oil prices. There is a level of $76.92. This week, it traded in the range of 80-85 dollars on Monday. Because with the tense geopolitical risk on the US-Iran side over the weekend, oil prices quickly jumped above the 80 dollar level. When the weather here got colder, Biden made a statement. He made a statement that we do not think of a long-term war in the Middle East, and naturally we saw a sharp decline in oil prices. Since this manipulation was directly reflected in the prices and markets in the statements, oil prices settled in the range of 75 - 80 dollars again. The declines are not permanent. I will continue to wait for increases in upward movements.

On the Bitcoin side, there is a level of $42887 with sellers. The $38000 level is down and the $48000 level is up. It still continues to linger in this band range. I continue my expectations for the 38000 dollar level in February. Those in the cryptocurrency market also need to pay attention to this aspect.

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