My Thoughts on Current Markets-48

Let's start with Dow Jones. I can say that he made a very fast movement and went into rest mode. It is resting in the 36000 - 36500 region. Currently, especially 36500's are important levels. This can be seen as the most important resistance before the summit. If we start to see closures above this level, there may be a rapid attack towards the 36900 - 38000 region. But if we still have difficulty exceeding 36500 in the coming days, we will see a retreat here. In case of a possible break between 36000 - 35800, we are likely to see a return to 35500 on the Dow Jones side.

The rally continues on the Dax side. A rapid movement reached a new peak and jumped over Bollinger. As long as it remains above 16700, the movement here will continue upwards. If 16700's are broken below, it will reach 16500's. We don't want the 16500s to break here. So correction up to this level will be considered normal, but if 16500 is broken, it would be better to be a little cautious. The size of the correction may increase. There is a possibility of seeing 16300s and 16000s, in such a case, if 16500s are broken, on the dax side.

The reactions on the Brent side were always stuck in the Bollinger middle band. Here, we saw above-priced prices before a meeting, but after the results of the meeting were announced and the restrictions were left on a voluntary basis, we started to see serious sales increase again, which brought us below 76 dollars. As long as our limit here does not break the 76 - 78 range, there is no problem. But if it started to stay below 76, it could reach 72. Approximately these levels were tested. We saw highs of 73 - 70 during the week. I will see if we can get closes above the 76 - 78 zone or not. If we cannot see a closing above 76 - 78, there will still be downward pressure on the Brent side, which will eventually bring us to the Bollinger lower band. When it comes to this area, we will re-evaluate. Unless this is broken, the short term is still a reaction area. But if there is a breakout, the downward pressure on oil may gradually increase, around 72 dollars.

Gold continued its sharp move on Friday following the Fed meeting, the FED statements and the subsequent statements of the FED president on Monday. It reached a new peak at 2148 on Monday. Afterwards, it saw a sharp downward movement from the peak of $130. This was very important. In other words, this harsh move ended the short-term rise here. Here we will pay attention to whether the retreat will find balance between 1975 and 2000 dollars or not. If it finds balance, it can be considered as a buying opportunity. We will see upward movements again. We will be likely to see upward reactions towards the 2040 - 2050 - 2076 band. Our condition is that the 1975 - 2000 dollar range should not be broken. It happened that it was broken. What is the negative scenario? It was withdrawn until 1934. In other words, 1934 is the place where you can blindly buy in the short - medium term, if there is a possible pullback. But we must always act with a stop, just in case. It is never clear how they will act in such markets. Look, there is a margin of $130 here, which is more than 5%. Come on, you got pumped up from above and took it. It can instantly reset at 2148. If you also bought with leverage, let's pay particular attention to this in your positions.

On the Bitcoin side, the point I always drew attention to was 44600. We have reached these levels, we have tested them and we are having a little difficulty in opening them. If I were to give a region here, I would honestly expect a correction from a region between 44600 and 47700. The point where this correction should come is 41000, if 43000 is broken in the first stage. As long as it finds balance in the range of 41000 - 39000, possible withdrawals are considered as buying opportunities. Here Bollinger has already started to rise again. It shows us the desire to go up by not selling all the negative news. I was also targeting 41000 - 44000 - 39000. All of these happened one by one. The 44600s are particularly important to us. If it closes above it, no matter what, our probability of going up to 47700 will increase. But if it cannot exceed this region, if it cannot exceed and stay above it, I can say that we will expect a correction on the Bitcoin side in the coming days.

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