My Thoughts on Current Markets-130

Dow Jones is especially an important resistance point at 38900 below and 39400 above. We reacted quickly so that when it came to the region in the December - January period, I marked it as the region we would react to. Between 37500 and 38000, it went up rapidly after seeing this. It approached the peak and is correcting again from the peak. If it manages to hold on above 38900 - 39070, we may see upward attacks again. We may see attacks towards the 39500 - 39400 region, at least until we retrace our steps. But selling pressure may still continue as long as 39400 is not exceeded. Let's pay attention to this too. On the Dow Jones side, I can state that if 38900 is broken, the risk of 38500 - 38000 will be ahead of us again.

Germany also makes similar corrections. But here the corrections are a little more limited. It closed on Friday with reaction. The 18800s are the important point in the short term. Afterwards, 18900 - 19000 will be the important Bollinger levels. If these levels are exceeded, it may continue to rise strongly again. But as long as we do not exceed these levels, the sawing movement we experienced in May will continue. There is no problem as long as 18500 is not broken in the short term. But I can say that if 18500 is broken, it is better to be cautious.

Brent also slipped below 82 dollars. This place was very important. Bollinger also rose to 83 levels during this period. One of the main resistances will continue to be 82 and the other will continue to be 83 in the coming days. All indicators concentrated in this region and became a strong resistance. If the possible reactions cannot exceed this area, that is, if the 82 - 83 region cannot be exceeded in the reactions, I would interpret that the possible downward pressure will continue, and I can state that there is a possibility that this retreat will continue until the 80 - 78 band, as long as the 82 - 83 region is not exceeded.

We also saw a rapid correction in gold, from 2420 dollars to 2330. Especially in the 2380's who are on the trail here. Unless the price settles above 2380 again, gold is on the risky side. Because we have also broken Bollinger. In the short term, it reaches 2350 during the week. If we cannot exceed 2350, I can say that there is a risk for gold in the 2300 - 2260 band, and there is a possibility of withdrawal in this direction. When the 2380s are exceeded again, the movement on the ounce gold side evolves into a positive direction. But I can say that the pressure here will continue as long as 2380 is not exceeded.

It continues similarly on the Bitcoin side. I can say that the movements are stuck at the top. After 71700 was tested, there are rapid touches on the support at 66800 in recent days. These places have been tested and the effort to respond continues. But if 66800's are broken in the coming days, the downward pressure here will continue. Let's pay particular attention to this. The level where the concentration is above is 71700. If the price settles above 71700, I can say that we can talk about the possibility of moving positive again and towards a new peak in bitcoin.

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