My Thoughts on Current Markets-126


Silver quickly passed $30 after 2 speculative and manipulative years. We are heading towards the target zone of $34. Since it is a very rapid rise in technical terms, it is not surprising that it moves slightly horizontally. $30 is short-term support.


Technically, 2440 per ounce of gold is exceeded and if permanence occurs, 2700 - 2800 regions will be the target. In the short term, 2348 remained slightly below the support level.


Technically, the 18800 region was important in DAX. A little flattening at that level or even some correction wouldn't be bad. Roughly 20000 is the target as long as it stays above 18000.


Nasdaq continues its rise from where it left off with the interest rate expectations on the US side being brought forward and is now very close to my 20000 target. Even though there are short signs of technical fatigue, the 20000 attempt will come soon. Every decline continues to be a buying opportunity.


Movements in Bitcoin started to move into positive territory in a short time. For the altcoin rally, it is necessary to exceed 74000. Term is getting narrower, every day we stay above 57000, it will ask for 85000 in short.


Although Ethereum's rise seems weak and lacking in volume in the short term, it manages to stay above the 2800 region. The 3300 level is still an important indicator, if we can exceed it we can reach 5250 at any time.


Brent oil closed last week flat. Technically, $85 is important, if it stays below it, the declines will continue. They can scare another round of over 85.


EUR/USD has reached the resistance level. If it continues on its way with a short correction, we can now talk about 1.15. The technical distortion level is 1.05 and below.


We have reached a significant resistance threshold in GBP/USD. Exceeding 1.28 at the top may bring 1.50 to the agenda in the long term. The technical breakdown level is 1.23.


In USD/JPY, the price entered the horizontal band due to BoJ interventions and speculations. My expectation is that it will break down after remaining horizontal for a while. Staying below 152 is a harbinger of 140.

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