Turn Your GPU Into A Machine To Earn Bitcoin And Artificial Intelligence, The PoUW Revolution.

PoUW (Proof of Useful Work) is a new form of bitcoin mining that proposes that miners, instead of solving mathematical problems, offer their computing power to perform useful artificial intelligence (AI) work that adds value to the world. The PoUW aims to make bitcoin mining more efficient, profitable and sustainable, while encouraging innovation and collaboration in the field of AI. The PoUW is based on the idea that users who want to participate in a cryptocurrency network like Bitcoin can connect to a platform like GPUtopia.

There they can offer their computing capacity to other users who need to perform AI work, such as training natural language models, recognizing images, generating music, etc. Users who sell their computing power are paid in bitcoin, and users who buy that power can access it easily, quickly, and cheaply. It is a new way to harness the power of GPUs (graphics processing units) to perform AI tasks in a decentralized, efficient and cost-effective way.

GPUtopia is one of the first platforms to use PoUW to create an open and collaborative GPU ecosystem. This platform allows users to sell and buy computing capacity using only their web browser, thanks to a new technology called WebGPU that allows access to the GPU from the browser. In addition, GPUtopia uses a Lightning network to make payments in bitcoin instantly and with very low fees.

The money you can earn with GPUtopia depends on several factors, such as the demand and supply of computing capacity, the price you set for your service, the time you spend selling your capacity, and the quality of your Internet connection. There is no exact formula to calculate your income, but you can get a rough idea by following these steps:

📌 Estimate the number of hours you want to sell your computing capacity per day, for example, if you want to sell 8 hours a day: 8 hours * 30 days = 240 hours/month.

📌 Estimate the price you want to charge per computing hour, you can base it on the average market price, which according to GPUtopia is about 0.0001 bitcoin/hour. You can also adjust your price based on demand and competition, or based on the quality and performance of your GPU.

📌 Multiply the number of hours per month by the price per hour to get your gross income in bitcoin, for example, if you sell 240 hours per month at 0.0001 bitcoin per hour, your gross income would be 0.024 bitcoin = $629.74 (price of BTC at the time of writing this article $26,239.30).

📌 Subtract the expenses associated with your activity, such as electricity consumption, maintenance of your equipment and Lightning network commissions. These costs may vary depending on your location, your electricity provider, and your bitcoin wallet. Additionally, the value of bitcoin fluctuates depending on the market, so keep that in mind when making your calculations.

To join GPUtopia, you have to follow these steps:

✔ Create your Alby Lightning Wallet (

✔ Access the GPUtopia website and click on the "Join the Beta" button.

✔ Fill out the form and accept the terms and conditions.

✔ Wait to receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account.

✔ Once your account is activated, you will be able to access the GPUtopia control panel, where you will be able to see your bitcoin balance, your available computing capacity, and the offers and demands of other users.

✔ To sell your computing power, you must have a GPU installed that supports WebGPU, which is a new technology that allows you to access the GPU from the browser. You also need to have Chrome or a Chromium-based browser installed, such as Brave or Edge.

✔ To buy computing capacity, you have to have a bitcoin wallet with support for the Lightning network, which is a way to make payments in bitcoin instantly and with very low fees. You can use a wallet like BlueWallet, Breez or Alby Lightning (

✔ To start using GPUtopia, you just have to choose an offer or demand that interests you, and click the "Connect" button. A window will open where you can see the AI work being performed, the remaining time and the corresponding payment.

✔ When the AI work is complete, the connection will be closed and payment will be made in bitcoin over the Lightning network. You will be able to see the details of the transaction in your control panel.

GPUtopia is a revolution for the world of AI, as it democratizes access to computing power, reduces costs and energy consumption, fostering innovation and collaboration. Anyone can become a provider or consumer of AI services, without needing technical knowledge or investing in expensive hardware. You can join the GPUtopia beta today and start earning or spending sats with your GPU.

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