Updated 06 12 2021; Pocketnet, first experiences

By TheRuneLion | CryptoCrossroads | 12 Jun 2021

 I like what they say, and I am very much enjoying this new platform where one doesn't have to worry about the specter of Big Tech censorship and the Twittertrolls as well as assorted other undesirables. When you post, like or such it goes into a Blockchain, and while I am still learning my way around, it's very clear that Privacy is #1 on this platform, as well as being able to speak your mind.


 1; Yes, there are some negatives with Pocketnet, now and then things can get a bit clogged in the blockchain, but that sorts out in a few minutes. Yes, the site has a few minor bugs, nothing really outstandingly annoying though.
 2; Yes, there are some people there that I can see many people having issues with regarding some elements and aspects of their posts, but despite coming off as extreme and intentionally hard-right, the ones I encountered in my first night's foray would  actually engage in give and take conversations in replies to their provocative posts. I will state that the replies were well written and presented alternate views intelligently and respectfully without being flames/attacks/rage-replies.
 3; One VERY pleasant surprise was having my Post about my t-shirt store being Upvoted by the staff themselves. I've frankly never imagined such would happen and nearly fell off the sofa when I saw that in my notifications.
 4; Earnings were very satisfying for a less than 12 hour first-visit, please see screenshot:


 One complaint is they need both a Pinterest and Publish0x share button, apart from that, it's clean, well-laid-out, works well and is intuitive.

...and it pays you quite nicely as well.

 Please have a look, i think you'll enjoy what you find here and it makes a very nice complement to Publish0x as well as Read.cash and Noise.cash in my opinion.



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