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Crypto cats and NFT social causes

Inspired by @bitttylabs's thread on their kitty, here goes an impro poem and a bit about my cats too:


Severed from within

kitty sAid worried, pestering

guides and cables towards redemption

moisty disco treats hibernation

over nations of beloved pets.


Everything starts with an error. Human kind develops companions but not even the most carnist person can see as natural how animals are beheld in factories. It goes even against their quality standard, if we look at anything (including humans) as provision. A good Bukowskian (I mean this with the bad sides included) poet together with a visual artist once developed the idea of Anthropophagy: consume to incorporate; like cannibals, but as a hymn, not as a scared colonizer. That was their idea of Modernism. We couldn't be further from it. We consume Death. Pure Death. At each corner. DEATH AND ERROR.

To the nicest kitties out there. My shoutout.

Now, as for my companions, here are Maçã and Lúcifer.  

Two kitties, Luci (big) and Maçã (smol)  


I show y'all them because since I'm unemployed and the big one is having a kidney stone for the third time, I'll definitely call for the Internet Cat Divinities to save us with funding. For now, his condition is improving with lots of love and running water. Like @bitttylabs, I'd do this funding in form of NFT, which would categorize it as a social cause. Distinguished, huh?   Since this morning I also had a great chat with @TriptiASHA on #IndiaWantsCrypto and @ByteBlock and later on with the amazing artist @avakhan1104, I learned India has no groups yet which stroke me pretty weirdly. How come? Do y'all readers have no national groups too? I mean, check out these amazing social causes were shared on CriptoArtBR's Discord server: #objkts4palestine (@yulyssses), #SOSColombia (@violet_forest), #SocialCryptoArt (@geancg1) aside from H=N's own Tezos fountain. You wanna get hop into NFT? Just get there. Get out there. Get into these servers. Simple. More artists mean more collectors and more collectors, it's also about sharing and caring, building, not just... buying & selling, you know? It's also about helping kitties. Seeking cryptocats or heck, collecting CryptoKitties, yeah. Make life. Make love. Not death. See death. "Yo, death." "See you around, death." Aside from fash. Those... kukuku... those we greet even closer.

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Cryptocriticism, mostly NFT
Cryptocriticism, mostly NFT

Sharing thought processes, mostly related to aesthetical, cultural or political aspects of cryptoart. Follow @pedioscorides for more bits and shills, and @pdioscorides (Ig) for even more processes. I am currently a PhD student on Brazilian horror + US horror, with an emphasis on Lovecraft & Imperialism.

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