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My Web3 Social Media Earnings Hit a New High in November 2023

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 6 Dec 2023

Once again, I'm back with my monthly Web3 social media earnings report. Before I get into the meat of it, let me just say that some people are under the impression that the small earnings received each month aren't worth the effort put into earning them. Some might say the time and energy would be better spent on other things, such as making a buck or two on small altcoins by watching their market movements and following the whales. They'd say I could make more by following the pump-and-dump schemes.


But this line of thinking misses a few things.

  • First, I'd rather make a little doing what I love than to make a lot doing something I don't enjoy. Frankly, I hate looking at charts. And I'm not a day trader, nor do I want to be. That's just not something I'm interested in. It may be fine for other folks, but not for me. I don't chase money.

  • More importantly, I'm a writer. This is how I ply my trade. I've been doing it for quite a few years, and I'm good at it. I follow the "do what you love and the money will follow" formula and it's worked well for me for a couple of decades.

  • Thirdly, there's more to Web3 social media than the crypto earnings. I also use my blog posts and newsletters to promote my books. I believe in eating my own dog food. If I'm going to recommend a platform or a bit of technology, then I feel more comfortable doing that by using it myself. That doesn't mean I recommend every Web3 social media platform I mention in my books. In both Cryptosocial and Web3 Social, I've tried to give a good overview of the Web3 social media space without leaning too heavily toward one end of the spectrum or another. Cryptosocial was written more for a general audience whereas Web3 Social was written for the creator class. In both books, however, I attempt to educate readers on the technology, its usefulness, and the opportunities it presents for various types of internet users. My own activity on the platforms and protocols I choose to use is not solely for earning crypto to put into my wallet, but it's also to me reach my intended audience of readers for my books.

  • Finally, whatever earnings I do get from my daily and weekly activity isn't just about that income. It's also about the future growth of that income through staking and other means. It's not just about the time I spend creating but also about the future rewards as a result of today's production. In short, I remained active throughout the bear market in part because I expect to see the return in the next bull market.

None of that, of course, means there are any guarantees. It could all go up in smoke tomorrow, but I'm betting it won't. And now, without further ado, here's how much I earned on Web3 social media in November 2023.

Web3 Social Media Earnings

From Actifit to Torum: My November Web3 Social Media Earnings

As regular readers know, I've been active on the following Web3 social media platforms for at least a couple of years. I've been active on some longer than on others, but I continue to use these platforms because they show the most promise in my mind, and because I like them for one reason or another.

Actifit (HIVE/HBD)

Actifit is the Fitbit of the Hive blockchain. I'd probably earn more using a Fitbit-like device that tracks my fitness activity and pays out in some cryptocurrency, but I use Actifit because it's on the Hive blockchain and I'm sold on the Hive blockchain. I could buy 5,000 AFIT tokens, which would allow me to earn more AFIT tokens for my activity, but I prefer to shoestring it. Every time I post my Actifit activity to my Hive blog, I end up earning more Hive and/or HBD than the AFIT I'd earn from my fitness activity. I hope that makes sense.

For the reasons stated above, I am not tracking my AFIT. My earnings from this dapp are reported as a part of my Hive earnings.

gFam (XRP)

I'm probably not the right fit for gFAM in terms of ideal user, but I like it because I can earn free XRP. While I haven't converted any of the XRP I've earned from the platform into U.S. dollars, or any other currency, I do expect XRP to rally during the next bull run. Therefore, I'm holding it. In 2023 alone, I've earned more than $78 in XRP. I earned more than that in 2022, over $300 in fact. With XRP currently at 62 cents, and climbing, my position is looking pretty good, and I haven't bought a single XRP. It's all earned income.

In November, I racked up 4.727985 XRP tokens, which translates into $2.8580669325 USD. I'm not lamenting that my earnings have gone down. I'll just keep stacking XRP until it no longer seems necessary or feasible to do so.

Web3 social earnings for November (rounded down) = $2.85


Hive continues to be my highest-earning platform every month. This year alone I've earned almost $400 in USD value. My account is worth more than $1,500 and I've only been active for two years.

I won't belabor the point. Hive is a mainstay for me. I love its simplicity. That doesn't mean it's a perfect platform, but the fact that I can show up, write, and earn is a huge boon to my creativity as well as my ego. I've earned more on Hive than I ever earned on Medium or any ad-revenue platform I've tried (and I've tried the biggest and best over the years). And I've done with only 126 followers, not the tens or hundreds of thousands you need on Web3 platforms to see similar results.

My November earnings on Hive were 119.399 HIVE, 56.248 HBD, and 13.552 HBD savings. That translates into:

  • $42.3508253 USD worth of HIVE

  • $53.0531136 worth of HBD

  • and $12.7808912 in HBD savings

This translates into a 1-month income of $108.1848301 USD. There are a couple of reasons for the sudden increase of Hive earnings in both October and November.

First, at the beginning of October, I started using Ecency Points to boost my Hive posts. I haven't boosted all of them, but I do boost a good number of them. Ecency awards Ecency Points whenever a post is published to the Hive blockchain using the Ecency app. Since many of my posts are published that way, I've been racking up Ecency Points for over a year. I finally started using them and that has translated into an increase of earnings in two ways. First, for each post Ecency curators upvote, it has boosted my income by about $1.00. Secondly, anyone following the Ecency curation trail follows that up with a vote and that can sometimes translate into as much as $10 more. That effort has certainly paid off.

One caveat on Ecency: Spending Ecency Points doesn't guarantee an upvote. Ecency uses manual curation provided by volunteers and each volunteer makes their own decision on whether to upvote a post. Using Ecency Points simply puts your post in front of the curator to see. If Ecency chooses not to curate your post, then you get your Ecency Points returned to you.

The second reason my Hive earnings have increased in October and November is because I joined an effort among some members of Hive, consisting mostly of the InLeo crowd, to promote Hive on X (formerly Twitter). To join the effort, I was required to purchase an X Premium account (called Blue). I wouldn't have done that otherwise, but it's proven to be worth it. Many of my Hive posts are getting upvotes from other participants in that effort as well as from the Leo curation account, which, of course, includes follow-up votes from those following the curation trail. Additionally, my X account is growing at a much faster rate.

Needless to say, I'm enjoying the ability to do what I love and earn even a small amount of crypto each month for doing so. With some diligence and persistence, I believe those earnings will increase over time.

Web3 social earnings for November (rounded down) = $108.18

hive x metrics report

Paragraph (MATIC)

My Paragraph newsletter posting has changed quite a bit since I started it earlier this year. I have reduced the number of newsletter editions that I offer as an NFT collectible. As a result, I've seen fewer posts collected, but I'm not the least disappointed. I think there are other reasons beyond my control that have caused my MATIC earnings from Paragraph to decline from the $7 to $12 range they were at over the summer.

I'm offering only one collectible per week now. In November, I earned 2.8 MATIC, which translates into $2.13584.

Web3 social earnings for November (rounded down) = $2.13

Publish0x (ETH/OP)

In 2022, I consistently earned more than $10 every month except January. There were two months when I earned more than $20. That has not been the case in 2023.

This year, my earnings have been less than $5 every month until November.

The only thing I can account for that change is the recent switch from the Ethereum blockchain to the Optimism blockchain. Because Publish0x pays the gas fees, I believe they're sharing more OP with users now that they're saving on gas fee payouts. My earnings on Publish0x in November were 0.00900649 ETH and 7.603153 OP. That translates into $18.20 USD in ETH and $13.08 in OP.

Way to go Publish0x.

Web3 social earnings for November = $31.28

Torum (XTM)

My Torum earnings still are very low. I earned 19.5 XTM in November. That translates into $0.52923 USD.

Web3 social earnings for November (rounded down) = $0.52

Presearch (PRE)

Finally, while Presearch isn't a social media platform, I continue to report on my earnings because I use Presearch exclusively for research. Occasionally, if I don't find what I'm looking for or Presearch is being persnickety, I'll flip over to Google or DuckDuckGo.

For a while, my Presearch earnings dipped to next to nothing. Now, they back up again. I earned 52.393 PRE in November. That amounts to $1.45233396 USD, the highest amount since March.

Web3 social earnings for November (rounded down) = $1.45


Total Earnings from All Platforms

My aggregate earnings hit a new monthly record in October. For the first time this year, they jumped over $100 and hit $107.50 for the month of October. I'm proud to say they exceeded that in November.

Total earnings for the month of November were $146.4464526 USD. I can't remember when I've ever earned that much in one month from Web3 social media. There may have been a time or two on Steemit, before the infamous Steemit/Hive hard fork, when I got close to that, but that would have been from a single platform. Since I've been active on Hive under a new account name, this a new record.

Web3 social earnings from all platforms for November (rounded down) = $146.44


I fully expect those earnings to increase. We're beginning to see the price of Bitcoin rise. While I expect a retracement, I think this could be an early signal that the 2024 bull run that the market has been anticipating could be teasing our wallets. If I'm right, I expect to BTC to surpass its last all-time high by the end of next year. As that happens, so too will the herd of altcoins follow. Continued posting on Web3 social media platforms should lead to higher payouts month to month as the market rises. It's not unreasonable to expect that payouts could reach to $500 or more and possibly even $1,000 by the end of the bull run. But that's just speculation. For now, I'll adopt a wait-and-see attitude and not get my hopes up.


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