Some tips that can help you if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies.

By Papiloskibtc | Cryptocoins2020 | 18 May 2020

Many people believe that the world of cryptocurrencies is complicated, it only takes common sense and a little knowledge in investment, but at the same time you should not go crazy investing more than you would not like to lose so I will give you some support tips that I am sure will help you.

Nobody likes to lose in that, we are clear, so I advise you not to invest as much and much less what you are not willing to lose as mortgages, savings from the family or from someone else, try to invest what you do not need, start buying cheap cryptocurrencies but with good capitalization and market position.

Do not try to grow your investment many times, when you double your investment it is a good time to change and recover your investment in order to be able to invest the profit in a large cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or etherun and at some time review how they are going.

Since it is profit and you do not lose anything, it is money that you can keep for at least 6 months growing with cryptocurrencies positioned and there is very little risk of losing with those two mentioned above, since ETH according to experts and large investors will reach the price that bitcoin has today in the day and that bitcoin reaches $100,000 then it is a good time to invest just as you do not lose anything if that does not happen, but if you do, you have a good chance of winning according to experts.

Another important tip is that you don't buy on those climbs all of a sudden, try to wait and find out what's going on because it's going up and what could happen in the following days, the same if you don't invest you don't lose it's just one of many opportunities, the idea is not lose and be sure to invest.

Long-term investments are good, the idea is to buy cheap and sell expensive, because if we see a cryptocurrency that drops in price we find out why and after we are sure that it will rise we buy and cheap and at the same time we sell it expensive.

Do not be afraid of losing opportunities, try to study first and find the safest to invest.

Just as you will lose great opportunities, they will also touch you unintentionally, the idea is to learn and not lose to live from this in the future.

Be very careful with cryptocurrency scams, try to use recognized wallets to secure your cryptocurrencies.

I recommend you buy digital currencies, the ones you can at a low price that one day will give you the fruit of that planting.

Invest in bitcoin, it is the best positioned cryptocurrency and with projections to achieve great value according to experts in the field.

I hope everything helps you, remember to be patient and take advantage of the golden opportunities when we are sure to invest.


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