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CARDANO ( ADA ) Short Term Price Prediction

Let see what we said last time we did  ADA Prediction
"There is a lot of momentum on ADA and it is trading a long time over ascending trend line ad now it is getting too far away up from this line . $0.050 level is definitely strong resistance and it reaches a couple of times today but rejected every time. Looks like ADA are overextended and it may come down soon. $0.045 is a very important support level and in order to keep up the momentum it should not go below $0.045 level and if it breaks the support then it may go down to $0.04 level. It is early to talk about a bull run on ADA and we have to wait for a few days and see what is going to happen at  $0.045 and higher levels. At the moment looking strong but the question is How long it will keep this way. Just a CAUTION around these"

ADA /USDT Daily Chart 


Last time whatever we said it is still valid and it is still over ascending trend line but strong resistance is $0.052 level and got rejection few times, Volume is going down but still, there is a strength for ADA and it is still strong, only thing is it needs to pass resistance point and now trading below resistance point and it keeps this way then next support level $0.047 and it can still come down touch all the way to ascending line . Just to watch and wait for a while longer. 

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Dentist since 1985, Oracle Developer DBA since 1998 and trader 2000 and up today. I try to give my best future price predictions on certain coins and I do trade same way.

CryptoCoin Predictions Series Short Term
CryptoCoin Predictions Series Short Term

I will give you my ideas about certain coins and my trading strategy about the future I just want you know that i am not a financial adviser and any information i give in here is my personnel opinion . If you follow me regularly i will post updates and future predictions about coins i hold and trade . My price predictions are short and not detail ( since i do not to bore anybody with long readings )

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