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Raini RST and BEAM

By cryptocloaker | cryptocloaker | 18 Nov 2023

You bought $RAINI back in the day. You did IRL stuff. Now there is $RST and $BEAM. I won’t explain RST; team Raini have done that here. What I will focus on is the more important question of…

How do you buy $RST?

Angry Unicorn mode… engaged!

OK so you jumped on the rainbow unicorn NFT launchpad koala hugging band wagon and went all in on $RAINI back in 2021…. You blow the cobwebs off of telegram and open the Official Raini chat group…..



wooooah everyone is losing their shit over this new BEAM stuff, folk are throwing themselves out of windows because there’s no more BNB/ETH RAINI pools (fuck knows what happened to Fantom — that turd soon got flushed), the devs seem nonchalant in their updates, AMAs are talking about global crashes and trying to avoid layoffs, some new token has replaced RAINI — RST which will double the circulating volume and existing holders can get compensation if the Raini store makes the GDP of some small country in sales and to top it off there was a world championship and no winners have been paid out yet. Wow. Too much information. Lets take a step back.

WTF is BEAM and why does it matter?

Beam is a sub-chain of Avalanche and it aspires to be THE gaming blockchain. Read about that in detail here: https://docs.onbeam.com/chain

The Raini dev team, albeit captain crap on marketing and communication probably deserve all of us hodlers’ respect. Not because they have focused on their game, not because they launched on the EPIC games store, no, because they saw the future and it was good. The BEAM team (aka Merit Circle) have invested in Raini Studios (RSToken) and Raini was the first to list on their chain. The issue, like all new things, is that us meat sacks (humans) don’t like change. It turns out that buying or selling RST (on the BEAM chain) is actually rather simple, but as usual the current documentation is rather lacking. So, like I did for Sushiswap back when it was x days old, I have created this simple guide for how to bridge, buy and sell RST on the BEAM network.

Buy and Sell RST How?

You are either an existing RAINI holder, or you just want to know how to buy RST. Thankfully the former are easy to deal with — just ensure your Metamask wallet is set to Ethereum or BnB chain then head on over to https://www.raini.io/stake — click the massive Migrate Now button, confirm a few transactions and voila, your RAINI token has fucked off into the ether and you are now the proud holder of RST on the BEAM subchain.

To get to the BEAM subchain, first of all you need to add it to your Metamask. Its the same shit as adding BnB, Fantom or any of the other 8 billion wannabes. To setup BEAM, simply head on over to their faucet (this will give you some free BEAM and also the ability to add the chain details)



Click the Add Subnet to Metamask button (I’ve circled it in Red below), then confirm the stuff that Metamask pops up with (i.e. click Approve, then click Switch Network). Then after that click the Connect button (circled in Green below)

Network name: Beam

Network URL: https://subnets.avax.network/beam/mainnet/rpc

Chain ID: 4337

Currency symbol: BEAM

Now click REQUEST 0.3 BEAM. That will give you a transaction Id and after a few seconds you’ll have 0.3 brand new shiny BEAM tokens. Wooo!

Next up, we need to head over to the Uniswap equivalent on the BEAM chain.. https://swap.onbeam.com/#/swap

Here you will click Connect, select Metamask, select the wallet with the Beam in it, then click Next (if you have more than one) then click Connect. Boom! nearly there.

Click Select Token… and true to their word, RST is already shown…. BECAUSE TEAM RAINI ARE NOT RETARDED AND WERE THE FIRST TO GET ON BEAM!!!

The fact this shows without you doing anything means team raini are not retards


So now you can buy/sell RST as you would on Uniswap.

But wait I hear you whimper… I have USDC/ETH/PEPE on the Ethereum chain… whimper… I can’t see them on this Beam chain. That’s right, you cant. Because this is BEAM, you melt. In order to get shit on and off this chain we need to Bridge.

This is you with your PEPE coinz


Merit Circle are no fools either. They have the Beam token on both the Ethereum chain and the BEAM chain. So in order to buy RST we’re gonna need BEAM. Which we can buy using good old Uniswap. (That 0.3 from the faucet isn’t gonna cut it!)

Go to Uniswap, (connect to Ethereum mainnet) and enter the BEAM contract address in order to swap to it. You can find the token address on coingecko here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/beam-2

Who doesn’t love the gecko?


(The contract address is 0x62d0a8458ed7719fdaf978fe5929c6d342b0bfce, but you shouldn’t be following some random strangers contract address advice, so PLEASE go and verify this on coingecko or even better via the beam docs: https://docs.onbeam.com/chain/get-started/gas — be warned, Uniswap still isn’t familiar with beam so it’ll rightly whinge at you about it being a potentially dodgy thing, accept that.)

Now you can buy BEAM tokens. “Buy them. Buy lots. Buy more. This shit will go mental once it hits critical mass.” said a small voice. This is not financial advice, that was a small voice whispering somewhere.

It is the only number


Once your transaction executes, flick back to the Beam network in Metamask and get back to the Beam Bridge….

Make sure you are still connected to the Ethereum network!


From here even a 5 year old should work it out…. top section — select BEAM as the token and Ethereum as the from. Then select BEAM as the token and BEAM as the to, like my example below:

Follow this for wins


Once you click Transfer, the new fangled Metamask will shit its pants and realise that you haven’t ever granted this site a limit on the amount of Beam you can spend. So accept the presented value (i.e. how much you are bridging) and click Next in Metamask, then click Approve in Metamask. Once the approval has executed, Metamask will then prompt for the actual bridge transaction. Accept that and sit back and wait for a success message from the BEAM site!

Once the bridge is complete, click the Swap button at the top of the page. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot a wrong network icon top right of the page….

what a donut, you need to be on the Beam chain to swap onbeam!

Click the wrong network icon and switch Metamask over to BEAM.

Now you can swap your newly acquired Beam tokens to RST!

The selling (wtf?) of RST is the reverse, and the bridge back to Ethereum is the reverse.

Good luck. Stay strong and HODL. Good things come to those who wait… and wait… and wait…. until somewhere someone’s BAGZ freeze over with ICE….. ;-)

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