What did I learn about Crypto in 8 months?

What did I learn about Crypto in 8 months?

By TronList | CryptoChilly | 5 May 2020

Dear all,

First of all thanks for taking time to read this post - especially during the current situation. Let me tell you a bit about myself:

I am an IT Consultant working in Austria - some of my hobbies are web developement, reading, gaming, trading and talking to people on telegram :D

The first time I heard about BTC, I was around 14 years old sitting in school in my computer class. A friend of mine said: "Hey have you heard about Bitcoin? It's some kind of a virtual currency and it costs less than 1 penny - we should buy some!". Well, would I have had money at that time - I would have been up for the idea but at this time I didnt have any finances of my own and never got any pocket money from my parents either, so we talked about it in the next months a couple of more times, but we never invested anything. 

A couple of years later - well BTC went to its all time high and as you probably think we were feeling pretty dumb! But the past is the past and we live in the present. So last year - 2019 I decided to join in on crypto this time for real and I bought my first cryptocoins for around  500 Euro. (It was some BTC, ETH and XRP) With time it started growing and I got into it more and more. Until the day came when I had to learn about the not so positive side of crypto:

See crypto has many advantages but it also has some disadvantages. Everything does. Well I invested most of my collected crypto into a scam website and as you probably guessed already I never saw it again. It was not a pleasant thing, but what do they say - Learn from EVERY experience you make and so I did learn not to trust everything blindly and do my own research on everything I put my money in. 

So the story continued when I discovered the altcoins. If you dont know what those are, simply explained its coins that came after Bitcoin like ETH, XRP, TRX etc. Next experience I made was with TRON(TRX) and DApps(Decentralized Applications). And boy this was an interesting one. 

Long story short: I played on around 100+ DApp's during the course of 8 months and invested around 6000Euro. Some of them were crypto-casinos and as you probably know - the house always wins indeed but I discovered those to be much fairer than the real live casinos. Furthermore the difference between a crypto casino and a real live one is that in a crypto casino you are mining cryptocoins with every bet you make - hence you can freeze those mined coins and receive daily dividends and make a ROI and even some profit. You only have to be smart. (I will write a different post explaining all this in details if there is demand for it)

The more interesting part were the gaming DApps - like Splinterlands, Cropbytes, Chainzarena etc. Let me tell you how those work - maybe you have played Yu-Gi-Oh when you were little, maybe you are playing HearthStone currently? Well that's what those are - Trading Card (NFT) Games. The difference is you can actually make quite the profit with those. You acquire some cards - with an initial investment usually but there is also a lot of free stuff to begin with, and start battling against other players. In this process you can gain more cards and rewards and grow your deck. There is also a free market so every NFT(Card) you acquire you can sell or buy some new ones. There are many opportunities in such games and some cards are worth more than 10000 $. It is indeed a growing industry. 

Last but not least one of my best investments was in a website called www.dappstats.com - it provides stats of almost every DApp on the TRON, ETH and EOS Blockchain and many more will come. What makes it so special? Well its community based - meaning you can buy their token DST and stake it and all the profits and revenue the website makes from ref links and advertising is sharing among DST Holders. You should really check it out! (FInd me there under cryptochilly) 

To sum it up - crypto provides so much and can replace fiat money completely - but like with everything in life, you should be very careful and always do your own research. The one thing I love most is the community - over the course of 8 months I have met so many new people and made some really good friends. Thank you all guys - you know who you are and remember Crypto is the future and it provides endless opportunities. For now keep hodling and stay safe! Thanks for reading :)


Yours truly,



I am 27 years old and residing in Austria. Since I work in the IT world and spend most of my time in front of the PC, I have been following the crypto world closely and had many different experiences. On my blog you will find stories from the crypto space


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