T2X – Weekly Recap #1

Last week we introduced you to T2X – a DApp on the TRON Blockchain where you can stake T2X Tokens and earn TRX + T2X in dividends daily.

Today we will go through what happend since then – how were the dividends, did any token burns take place and more! Only in this weeks recap of T2XToken.io!


The dividends of the past 7 days have been great – they stayed in the range of 1-1.5Mln TRX daily:

If those amazing payouts continue every T2X Holder will regret not buying more T2X Tokens sooner. Let’s do a simple calculation:

  • With the current rate of ~4.6 T2X for 1 TRX we buy 1000 T2X Tokens = Total Investment ~217 TRX.
  • Every 1000 T2X staked generate ~5 TRX + 11.5 T2X per DAY.
  • ROI: 217 / 5 = 43.4 Days*
    *Not counting the T2X that is also growing daily!

T2X Buyback and Token Burn



Last week T2X launched it’s newest update – XSWAP. If you are After only one week the stats are showing some great values:

  • T2X Liquidity Pool: ~9 370 287 T2X
  • T2X Reward Pool: ~2 872 138 T2X
  • TRX Liquidity Pool: ~2 438 251 TRX
  • TRX Reward Pool: ~496 481 TRX

Key Features of XSWAP:

• T2X Token Swap: Effortlessly buy and sell T2X tokens against any listed pair.
• Distributed Trading Fees: Fees are pooled and distributed for Daily Auction Lobby Buy Back’s & Liquidity providers dividends.
• Token Buy Back & Burn: T2X tokens purchased from the Auction lobby as Token Buys backs from XSWAP fees, will be burned!
• Liquidity Provider Dividends: Users that provide token liquidity, share in all trading fees for the pool they provide liquidity for.

For more info on XSWAP we recommend you to check out this article: https://medium.com/@T2XToken/xswap-next-generation-swap-portal-9e751a337850


T2X continues to generate solid returns and it’s community keeps on growing. T2X as a platform is a living proof of the potential of the TRON blockchain. Thousands of happy users can confirm what a good and legit project it is. Go check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. As usual thanks for reading and we promise to keep you updated!

Reminder: Always do your own research before investing anywhere!

Useful Links:

Official Website: https://t2xtoken.io/
Official Telegram: https://t.me/T2Xtoken
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/T2XToken
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/YMpcptT
Whitepaper: https://t2xtoken.io/litepaper.pdf

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