EcoSmart - Promising ICO Sale - 10% Weekly Divs (TRX) - 30mil TRX in the Contract already!!!

EcoSmart - Promising ICO Sale - 10% Weekly Divs (TRX) - 30mil TRX in the Contract already!!!

Hey all,


I just wanted to share an investment opportunity with you all:

Summary: This is an ICO with a multi dividend option as it will have a full ecosystem including - Games, Wallet, Exchange, AI-Trading Bot and Social Media. All in this one EcoSmart platform. 

Token name: ECS (TRC20)

📃 Smart Contract Overview (
📃 ECS Token Detail Overview (

Investment Plans: A=5050TRX, B=10050TRX and C=20050TRX 

Current Price: 5050TRX = 6400 ECS (price is adapted all 7days)

ROI: 5-10% weekly paid straight to your wallet. 

Information from

  • By buying ECS shares and participating in the ECS TOKEN Projects Network,
    you can benefit from the stock of this great project in addition to investing and making instant cash,
    which very shortly will increase by several Hundred-folds.
  • Any amount of ECS you buy will be entering you to the company's revenue plan
    and the possibility of earning unlimited and instant revenue, but it will add weekly tokens and shares.
  • 10% of the company's capital pooled each week will be shared among all shareholders.


Personal Review: 

I have personally invested 20050 TRX and since the platform started on the 21st of April it has always paid me punctually every Monday at 6PM UCT. 

So far I have been able to make around 25% of my investment in just 3 weeks. 

Please do your own research before investing!! Share your opinions and reviews in the comments. If anyone needs help hit me up in the comments and we can chat on Telegram. 

PS If you join under my ref link I will share my bonus with you:

Yours truly,



📊 Community Statistics:
⏱ Creation Time: 4/12/2020 21:47:12
👥 Total Users: 3400
📥 Total Invest last week: 12,528,784 TRX
📥 Total Invest: 25,042,371 TRX
📤 Total Commission: 10,715,224 TRX
💠 Total Token Distributed: 43,363,641 ECS

Stats by: DappStats



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