CrypCade – Weekly Recap #8

Did you miss who won the Poker Night Tournament at Are you wondering if the high TRX price affected the dividends pool somehow? Or do you just want to find out how to earn a passive income with CrypCade? In this weeks recap we will answer all of those questions and much more!

Dividends Pool:

The dividends pool at CrypCade wasn’t affected at all by the almost doubled TRX price last week. Players continued mining like usual and we even saw an increase in the dividends:

The payouts this week were ranging between 15600-37000 TRX daily.

Current Mining Price:

Poker Night Winners:

If you have been following our articles – you already know that a Poker Tournament took place last week with a prize pool of 250$ and a FREE entry. (Yeah CrypCade has the greatest events!)

For those of you who missed it – know that it was tons of fun, but there will be more soon! Make sure to follow CrypCade on Twitter <click> to stay up to date with their newest events.

Summary: 12 contestants took part in the last Poker Night and battled for the 250$ prize pool. The winners were:

1. Nurdlyfe – 175$
2. CryptoNoypi – 50$
3. TheAlchemist310 – 25$

Tournaments at

CrypCade just doesn’t stop to provide all of it’s players with amazing tournaments! Currently there are two ongoing Slot Tournaments:

  • Booongo Tournament with 30 000 Euro prize pool (End: 9th of September 2020)
  • Playson Tournament with 40 000 Euro prize pool (End: 8th of September 2020)

Furthermore a brand new Booongo Tournament is launching on the 7th of September with a progressive prize pool of 20 000 Euro:

The fun just never stops at!

How can I start earning with

It is really simple to start earning daily dividends from CrypCade. All you need is a TRON wallet like –  TronLink or TronWallet. After that you can just go to, deposit an amount of TRX to your account, chose a game you like and start playing.

With every spin at CrypCade, you will mine CADE tokens. Those can then be claimed and staked for daily dividends.

If you don’t like to gamble/play and are just looking to invest, then CrypCade has another cool option – called CADEboxes for you! How does it work? You just simply choose a box from the 8 possible options (500 – 100 000 TRX), after the purchase you will get a fixed amount of CADE tokens which you can directly stake and start earning dividends on a daily base. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? But it’s true! Go and try it out.


It was another exciting week at – the dividends were great, even with the high price of TRX, three winners shared the prize pool of 250$ for their poker skills and a new Booongo Tournament was announced.

We can’t wait to find out what next week holds for CrypCade and we will definitely keep you posted. That is all for now – thanks for checking out our article and remember to always do your own research!

PS A little bird told us that “Endorphina” will be arriving at CrypCade soon!

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