CrypCade – July 2020 Review

It feels like yesterday when we published the first Weekly Recap of CrypCade and it’s already time for the first monthly review. July was a mixed month full of excitement, but on the other hand, as most of the people were on holiday, uneventful at times.

Dividends and Mining:

When July started there were 25 893 435 CADE frozen and at the end there were 52 662 410 CADE frozen. That totals to ~27mln CADE having been mined in this month – more than the total amount that was frozen before the 1st of July. Well done CADErs 🙂

Dividends ranged between 36.45 TRX being the lowest amount day and 108 425.51 TRX being the highest amount. Average dividends per day for July were: 32 413 TRX. So if you have 100 000 CADE frozen you should have around a daily average of 71.3 TRX or ~2150 TRX for the whole July. Pretty good stats! Here are the exact amounts for you:


New Content:

As there were tons of releases at CrypCade in July we made a list of them, so everyone can see the progress that is happening over there:

  • Cashback implementation – 1st of July
  • Money Chase” Booongo Tournament was launched with € 280 000 prize money – 1st of July until 24th of August 2020
  • “DA JI DA LI” new Platipus Slot game was added- 2nd of July
  • 20 Playson Slots were added- 3rd of July
  • “Super Marble” new Booongo Slot game was added – 15th of July
  • Table Games were added – 17th of July
  • CADEwheel was added to the inhouse games – 22th of July
  • “Buddha Fortune” new Booongo Slot game was added – 31st of July

CrypCade Events and Community:

One of the most precious things a DApp can have, is a strong and dedicated community. This is definitely the case at CrypCade. Even though their Telegram Group is not that big, but it is very loud and active. You can hear about players streaming almost every week, give feedback straight to CrypCade’s team, raise your issues and get your questions answered in their weekly AMA’s.
CrypCade’s Telegram Group:
CrypCade’s News Channel:

Furthermore additionally to the unique Booongo Slots Tournaments at CrypCade, there are also weekly mini-games tournaments, which could be quite fun and you can win some small but nice prizes! It certainly pays off to be active.

What to expect next:

There are many answers to that question, but let us give you a simple one:

CrypCade will soon be available on
the Matic Network!
Caders will be able to play with $MATIC & $ETH on

That’s what we call great news to start the new month. You read it right soon you will be able to play with MATIC and ETH on CrypCade. The Ethereum Blockchain is the biggest currently with more than 616 000 active users. If that doesn’t give a push to the userbase of CrypCade then we don’t know what will :). So make sure you mine some more CADE before more players start mining and the mining price rises!


CrypCade continues to deliver more content, more events, more tournaments, more crypto-tokens to play with and the results are slowly but surely starting to show! July was an exciting month with tons of new games and exciting live-streams and AMA’s. We are ready to see what August will bring to the table! Let us know what you are expecting to see next from CrypCade and how your experience with the platform has been so far. If you still don’t have an account -> create one here. You only need a Tron Wallet like TronLink.

Useful Links:

Official Website:

Official News Website:


Official Telegram:

Official Twitter:

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