Betfury 2.0 + 0.02mBTC just for registering FREE

Betfury 2.0 + 0.02mBTC just for registering FREE

By TronList | CryptoChilly | 8 May 2020

You might have already heard it if you are following $TRX DApps - Betfury (online casino on the tron blockchain) is launching its 2.0 version very soon and in the meanwhile they are doing tons of fun giveaways and promotions. I made an overview for you at the end of the post.

What awaits you at BetFury 2.0?

  • BTC Dividend Pool
  • New login form
  • New design
  • Secret Project

If you would like to participate here is how to grab your free 0.02mBTC:

1)Go to

2)Register with an email and password 

3)Join the telegram group here: and enter your code. 

4) Done :) easy isn't it? Enjoy!


Here are the rest of the giveaways and promotions you can take part in:

BETFURY 2.0 EVENT for 5.5555 BTC (≈$50 000)

Free Bitcoins for registration! Prize pool — 2 BTC (≈$18 000)


Giveaway for 0.5555 BTC (≈$5 000)


Referral competition for 2.5 BTC (≈$22 000)


Twitter Campaign for 0.2 BTC (≈$1 700)


Good Luck!


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