Band Protocol AND Sushi?! FUD or the masterminds behind the exit scam?

By Chewna | CryptoChewna | 7 Sep 2020

I am writing to you now after reading Band Protocol's official statement on Medium: Band Protocol's official statement

So if you don't want to read it fully, I'll give you a brief overview.

As many of you who are on twitter have seen, NomiChef dumped $13+ Million worth of $SUSHI over the weekend, there has been a lot circulating recently on the identity of NomiChef. The initial FUD began here.... hmmm isn't that strange, I can't find the tweet. Basically some random person on twitter said that NomiChef had been doxxed and the thread was an 'AMA', it linked a github to Band Protocol's CTO and Co-Founder, Sorawit Suriyakarn.

Link marines had a field day with this, it has blown up since yersterday, forcing them to release an official statement.

"We were not involved in the operation of SushiSwap in any capacity.

Sorawit Suriyakarn as CTO, often reviews the code for other projects, as it is commonplace within the industry. He did a review of the initial code deployment of SushiSwap to make sure it was safe for public use."

They continue by explaining his Github; "as any CTO of a community-driven, open-source project should. His interest spans across multitudes of technologies, both inside and outside of blockchain space. Looking at the repositories he has “starred”, anyone will find a wide range of products — none of which should be indicative of his particular commitments."

But wait! I remember seeing and had the same IP! How will you explain this HUH?!

They do a good job of this, and I think many bag holders were also keen on believing this prior to the teams statement. Bandprotocol and Sushiswap coincidentally use the same web hosting service,

So what do you think? FUD? You knew all along? Are you dumping $BAND? Continuing staking, buying more? Are you a link maxi? Let me know below!


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