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Band Protocol AND Sushi?! FUD or the masterminds behind the exit scam?

7 Sep 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Chewna

I am writing to you now after reading Band Protocol's official statement on Medium: Band Protocol's official statement So if you don't want to read it fully, I'll give you a brief overview. As many of you who are on twitter have seen, NomiChef dumped...

[NO TRADING] How to make free money with crypto! We're rewarded for being early adopters! FREE CRYPTO

1 Sep 2020 4 minute read 0 comments Chewna

So you want to get into crypto? Or maybe you just want to get some crypto… What’s the difference? Well I view “getting” into the crypto-sphere as being active in learning constantly about what’s happening, are there new partners, conferences on the...

What is Utrust? What do they want to do? What are they doing? Gem?

1 Sep 2020 6 minute read 0 comments Chewna

  I have taken it upon myself to read the Utrust whitepaper, all 37 pages, just to save you the hassle. I have compiled the take away points, hopefully upon completion of this entry I will have opened your eyes to the crypto-contender of PayPal. Tran...