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By CryptoChemistry | CryptoChem | 16 Jun 2020

As reported from its official website, it is no longer profitable to mine Dash from conventional hardware: mining from your own computer or CPU implies an expense greater than the possible benefit.
Therefore, this guide invites you to set up at once a plan to mine Dash like a pro:

Before mining DASH, download the wallet.

Before starting any Dash mining claim, you will need a wallet to store this cryptocurrency. The best thing is that Dash has his own wallet on the official page, in the "Get Dash" section. Just click on the blue button "Dash Core Win / 64 Installer" and run the .exe file that will automatically download.

How to mine dash coin.

If you prefer to choose other wallets for Dash, the official website itself recommends the following:

Dash Core (official).
Jaxx: Compatible with many cryptocurrencies. It has applications for iOS and Android on the official website.
Exodus: one of the safest, but also complex. Supports various cryptocurrencies.
Coinomi (Android)
Dash Wallet (Android)
Dash Core (iOS)

How to mine DASH with hardware.

In case you want to make an initial investment in professional Dash mining machines, you can continue reading this section. If, instead, you prefer to hire a cloud mining company to take care of the mining processes in exchange for a monthly fee, you can skip this and continue reading the next section.

Currently, there are 3 ASIC cards that show great performance in Dash mining and they are as follows:

Antminer D3 - 19.3 GH / s.
Antminer D3 15 - 15 GH / s.
Antminer S7 - 4.73 TH / s.
After this, the next step is to search for a community of miners or Dash pool on the web.

Once you find one that suits your needs, you must download the Dash mining software that this community provides, and configure your computer according to the characteristics of each software.

Dash cloud mining.

The most profitable option in the short and medium term to mine Dash is through cloud mining. That is, contracting mining power (hash / second) to companies that keep ASICS cards on 24 hours a day and every day of the year.

Currently, cloud Dash mining is the easiest way to start mining Dash, and you only have to pay an annual fee.
Two of the most important companies in cloud mining are:

Genesis Mining (headquartered in Iceland).

Both have different plans in which you pay depending on the encoding and hash speed.

It works in 3 essential steps:

-You must hire hash / second power.
-The company registers you as a contractor, and you are part of its mining community.
-You will receive daily payments depending on the general power. Each Dash unit is divided into the number of miners.

Final comments.

The power of computer security management that is given by the MasterNodes, makes Dash one of the safest bets in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Finally, its X11 operating algorithm allows it to be very efficient so it could be one of the cryptocurrencies that most easily reaches the masses, adapting to the rules of commerce and daily transactions. This is why it is so important to learn how to mine DASH and start doing it before its value continues to grow.

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