Farsite: you're not late to this NFT game (yet)

By SirK133 | CryptoCat | 6 May 2021

The Cat stumbled on a interesting project - an space themed game with NFT's. Somehow NFT's seem to suit the space theme perfectly, or the other way around. Read about why this one is/will be different and decide is it worth your attention, because this time you're not late to the party.

As a disclaimer - I'm way more of a trader than an NFTs collector in the crypto space, but an avid gamer outside of it. While I do look forward to giving my playtime some monetary value, I mostly look for a good fun and entertainment. This post adopts this perspective, if you're more about gains than fun you might want to check out my posts about current market developments - this one is more on "after hours" side. Also, this post contains my reflinks.

Farsite - TL;DR

It is a browser game in very early stage of development. From the looks of it it will contain 3D graphics. Farsite aims to feature vast economy system and some political aspects of governance, as well as many different styles of gameplay - from politician/governor, trough miner/trader, to military and explorers. All that will have its reflection on a blockchain, every object in the games will be a collateralized ERC-20 NFT (with market running on MATIC network).


The looks

Well, there is not much established yet. You can see some sample here, by looking at the 3D ship in my hangar. You can rotate it, I also can change modules mounted on it (currently possessing a grand total of 1). This is all the "gameplay" available for now - how I said, we are early here (more on that later).

You can also check out this video - it seems to give some overview of graphics, still its more of an animation than a gameplay. For me, it looks pretty neat, I could get immersed in the universe if the final product lets me fly such ships freely.



Gameplay seems to be designed around earning, so it is synonymous with participating in a in-game economy. What excites me is the scale of this economy and this universe as a whole, which (I know it's a bold statement) is somewhat reminiscent of huge community games as EVE Online or Star Citizen. Before you stone me in the comments, check this out - we will have constellations consisting of a few solar systems each, each system containing multiple planets that are somehow explorable, those planets will have multiple sectors in which you can build whole bases. Add to that space stations, comets, asteroids and even mysterious anomalies. Space stations can be owned and govern solar systems, including introducing local policies and providing wide variety of services. Planets can be owned and governed by setting taxes and such, than finally in sectors (which planets consist of) players can build bases and form a base of the universe economy, since every item in-game must be manufactured (and sold) by players. Standing on the bridge of your starship you will be facing some impressive universe to interact with. So if this actually pan out, with community, politics and economy - maybe you can see where the comparisons came from. 

On that point, the range of in-game professions announced is pretty impressive. Haulers transport loads through space, because for things to get from point A to point B requires actual player engagement. Miners excavate resources for manufacturers to produce goods, trades trade them and military protects (or disrupts) this chain. There are also explorers who can hunt rare materials, whole range of political/governing posts mentioned and even recruiters who facilitate start in the game for new players - yes, that suppose to be a job there. There will be a cool vibrant community in this game - or there will be no game at all and I like that, that is a truly decentralized game spirit and one of the reasons I'm cheering for this project.


How early are we?

Well, 5 minutes before the Big Bang. Game is in really early stages, so early that right now you can't even spend money there - first items to buy will be available at the end of May. But right now you can get this little beaut you can see in my hangar. Since all items will be obtained from crates or manufactured by players this may be the only moment to start playing Farsite for free - you just need to register and complete some basic task (subscribe YT channel, Twitter, telegram and such). If you join at this stage you will be a pioneer constructing the basis of the economy I wrote about, you can say you will be as old as the universe there.

But I know the answer to the question on your mind - when all this will be playable - and the answer is... TBA (according to the roadmap), but Alfa version is scheduled in Q4 2021. Yeah, we are pretty early right now. But how many times you saw some interesting blockchain games and wished you heard abut them sooner? If you are anything like me, probably at least a few times. And this one puts the bar really high for itself so I will definitely keep tabs on it.

Least but not last - a very brief mention of "tokenomics". NFTs in this game will be "cNFTs", where the "c" stands for "collateralized". This means, quoting the game guide "an NFT that hold a certain amount of ERC-20 inside as a collateral". The idea is you will be able not only to burn the item to retrieve this ERC-20, but even stake it or borrow against it - essentially spaceships will be ETH flying around. This makes taking ETH to the moon quite easy ;) 

Personally I can't wait to be able to participate in this, as it sounds quite fun and engaging. If any of this makes you curious or excited - check it up close.

Live 9 lives and prosper, may the fur be with you.


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