Some Ways to get Free Crypto

By Mythcrusher | CryptoCache | 6 Mar 2021

Just a few months ago, I didn't care about Cryptocurrency at all. However, this past year, with increasing censorship on conventional social media, I have begun to take notice of alternatives such as Hive. Since getting into Hive, I have become interested in ways to get free crypto because while I am not exactly willing to invest my actual money in crypto, if I can get some for free, then I will go for it due to the value increasing over time. Bellow is a list of ways to get free crypto.

StemGeeks on Hive

The stemgeeks DApp is one great place to earn free crypto, at least if you are a science lover like I am. Just about every post you make there earns a small amount of cryptocurrency, just like on every Hive app. What makes StemGeeks stand out though, is that the token it uses, the STEM token, can be used to boost posts. For a new user, it might take about a month to get one STEM token, which is worth roughly $0.02. Once they have one whole STEM token however, they can use it to boost their post, getting them 50 or more tokens STEM per post. I know because I have tried it! The DApp can be found at

Faucets are another place to get free cryptocurrency, but in my opinion are a waste of time for the amount they pay.

Brave Browser
The Brave browser allows you to earn an Ethereum based Cryptocurrency called "Basic Attention Token" or BAT, for viewing ads selected by the company that owns Brave. It also allows you to become a verified Brave creator by making an account, and thus earn BAT from tips from Brave users.

CryptoTab Browser
CryptoTab is a browser that allows you to mine Bitcoin for free using your computer. While the initial earning is low due to low mining power (2 dollars a month), it can be greatly boosted with their cloud service, and with referrals. Their cloud service does cost money, but you can pay for it with Bitcoin (which you get from the browser), and increase your mining power by 2-15 times, depending on how much you pay.

As for referrals, for every person you refer yourself, your mining power increases by 15%. For every person they refer, your mining power increases by 10 percent. This means you can mine not just from referrals, but referrals of referrals. The picture bellow shows earnings assuming each person refers 5 people. While it does look like a lot of money, and is definitely worth checking out, I do not expect to make anywhere near that much. For me and many others, it is just a way to get a decent amount of crypto without investing your own money on a volatile digital asset. The browser can be downloaded using this link:




Torum is a social media that pays crypto for completing daily and weekly missions, as well as one time missions. It has an interface similar to Facebook, but does not censor politically. It does remove posts, but only if the same post harass people, or if the person keeps reposting the exact same post over and over again. If you sign up with a referral link and code, like I did with an ad from the Brave browser, you get 75 free XTM, which is the websites native cryptocurrency. You can follow this referral link and code for free XTM.

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