Grayscale Wins Their Lawsuit Against SEC !

By Astroboy13 | CryptoByte | 31 Aug 2023

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As you may have heard the news, Grayscale has won a lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It’s a major victory for crypto beacause Grayscale is a major cryptocurrency investment firm that specializes in creating and managing investment products focused on digital assets such as crypto !

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The CEO of Grayscale has tweeted :

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But let’s take a closer took of the history of this case :


This matter dates back to last year. Grayscale had already obtained approval from the SEC for a BTC Futures ETF (GBTC).

Later, they wanted to convert it into a BTC spot ETF, which is the ultimate goal. However, the SEC categorically refused without providing genuine reasons.

Consequently, Grayscale decided to take legal action to compel the SEC to provide a more structured response and, perhaps, to force them to accept the conversion of their ETF.

Now that they’ve win their battle, the SEC has 2 choices :

  • Appeal
  • Modify its response regarding the conversion of GBTC into BTC spot ETF.

It’s important to say that this win does not make the GBTC a BTC ETF spot.

Market Reaction

Source : Coingecko

As you can see above, Bitcoin has bounce back by nearly 7% after the news, nearly hitting the 28 000$ price mark. However, the price is now stabilized around 27 000$.


This news show that after the XRP case, the SEC is being weaken by the juridicions. We now need to wait for the SEC response

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