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My beer glass is empty.

After more than six weeks of producing almost every ingredient and certainly everything that was possible, I feel empty.

Remember, on January 5th I rented all production facilities. Actually, the water tower was out of sync since I rented it two weeks earlier.

It was an experiment. The goal was to determine whether intense production of ingredients and the production of beer, your own beer, was financially sustainable.

The total investment was 1,034.28 CBM. At the start of the experiment I had 0 CBM.

After four weeks of clicking all over the production plants, mass-producing everything, brewing beer, selling it, ... I had 400 CBM. The experiment failed. Better said, the experiment proved that this approach is not financially sustainable.

The price of the product is too low or the cost of production is too high. Or both.

I felt empty then and didn't publish any report.

Now, until an hour ago, I was producing water only. I had two weeks of the lease on the water tower. Remember being it out of sync with other plants.

The funny thing is that I have 919 CM right now.

Yes, in two weeks of producing only water I was 500 CBM in profit.

While, when producing everything, I was over 600 CBM in deficit.

Add to it that life is much easier with water. Your energy level is always full, you make a few clicks every half an hour, and that's it.

The verdict is ...

Stick to water and leave the beer to others :)

So I will lease the water tower again and live a happy and peaceful life as a water producer.

Done! 715.7 CBM. How much will it be after four weeks?

Maybe I will try the new option of enhancer packs ...

Oh, what is happening with 2021 New Years Keys? When we'll be able to use them?


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Join me, will you? Thanks and cheers.

Better and better

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