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PrimeXBT is a trading platform which allows investors to buy and sell more than 30 different assets including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, commodities and stock indices. The company reports that close to 12,000 orders are executed every second on its platform for an average daily trading volume of $375,000,000.


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General Features

  • Traders with small accounts can bring in huge profits by trading with 1:100 leverage. While leverage is a double-edged sword, many investors love trading on margin and are drawn to platforms with high leverage ceilings.
  • Spreads and commissions are small on PrimeXBT compared to some competing platforms. This makes it an affordable option for customers with large or small accounts.
  • The company sometimes makes promo codes available to traders to discount their fees or overnight financing. PrimeXBT also offers bonuses. Both of these promotional features are great for attracting potential customers to the platform. A lot of customers will sign up just to grab a bonus.
  • Investors can trade on PrimeXBT on their home computer or on their smartphone or tablet. Apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. That means that on-the-go trading is fully supported.
  • While PrimeXBT does have some geographical restrictions, the site accepts customers from most countries. Currently, there are customers trading on the platform from over 150 countries. There is also no KYC verification process, so traders can get up and started quickly.
  • Orders go through in under 7.12 ms on average, keeping slippage to a minimum. In fact, the company even maintains and publishes detailed data on slippage, reporting that 74.1% of 2019 trades were executed with zero slippage.
  • Traders can take both long and short positions, making it possible to profit whether an asset is rising or falling in value. This means that no matter what is going on in the markets, there is usually significant trading volume.
  • Deposits are accepted both directly from personal wallets and via Changelly for customers who prefer to use a credit card to purchase BTC before trading. Some competing websites only accept direct wallet transfers of crypto funds. The fact that investors on this site can use a credit card really opens up the platform to a wide audience. Traders who are relatively new to cryptocurrencies and who do not already have crypto funds may not be able to trade elsewhere without jumping through extra hoops.
  • Same-day withdrawal processing is offered to customers who make their requests prior to 12:00 UTC. If a customer submits a later request, processing will take place by the next day.
  • To ensure the security of customer details and funds, PrimeXBT implements 2FA account security, encrypted SSL and cryptographically hashed passwords. Cloudflare for DDoS prevention ensures that traders will not get kicked offline at a critical moment.

Platform Features and Tools

PrimeXBT’s platform loads rapidly and features a beautiful, sleek interface which is intuitive and easy to use. Some of the outstanding features and tools include:

  • Customizable charts. Traders can choose between bar, candlestick and line charts and select a wide range of timeframes to display.
  • Numerous indicators. PrimeXBT makes it easy to visualize what price is doing and to make predictions about the future. Indicators include ADX, ADXR, Bollinger Bands, EMA, Fast Stochastic, Ichimoku, Linear Regression Channel, Curve and Slope, MACD, Parabolic SAR, Relative Strength Index, SMA, and many, many more. Thus, PrimeXBT appeals to traders using a wide variety of trading methods.
  • Multiple order types. Traders can place market orders, limit orders, stop orders and protection orders on the PrimeXBT platform. With these different order types, it is easy to control entries and exits.
  • PrimeXBT recently began partnering with Covesting. Through the Covesting module, traders will have the option of investing in top trader funds. Not only that, but this feature will inform traders upfront what the total capital and ROI of each fund are so that it is easy to make informed decisions. This means that even newbie investors can get a jumpstart toward profit by leveraging the experience of participating advanced traders. On the trading platform, the Covesting feature is accessible via the top menu.

Along with its sophisticated platform, robust security and rich features, PrimeXBT provides rapid, friendly assistance via 24/7 live chat and email support.

Pros of PrimeXBT

  • PrimeXBT is a high-quality trading platform which offers customizable charts, dozens of indicators, Covesting, and other exciting features. With fast and reliable trade execution, slippage is minimal. These features exert a compelling draw on prospective investors, making PrimeXBT an excellent website to affiliate with.
  • PrimeXBT offers fast and responsive customer service both to its investors and its affiliates. If at any point you have a question or concern, you should be able to get in touch with a team member rapidly.

Cons of PrimeXBT

  • PrimeXBT has only been around since 2018. Nevertheless, it has built a solid reputation among both traders and affiliates within a relatively short span of time.
  • While PrimeXBT welcomes affiliates from around the globe, there are some countries you cannot affiliate from, such as the United States. There are some countries where users are prohibited from trading as well.


We have now discussed PrimeXBT’s affiliate program in-depth and we have also explored its platform features and benefits. Additionally, we compared PrimeXBT vs. BitMEX. With its powerful platform, low slippage, and many excellent features and benefits, PrimeXBT is a quality website for cryptocurrency traders. As an affiliate, you can leverage the appeal of those features and benefits to convert potential investors into direct and indirect referrals.

Unlike at BitMEX, you’ll start earning 20% commissions right away from your direct referrals. Meanwhile, as your network of indirect referrals expands, you’ll be generating passive income with every trade executed. We have had amazing returns so far with PrimeXBT, and feel confident that other savvy crypto exchange marketers will be able to do likewise.

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