By CryptoBlonde | CryptoBlonde | 16 Jan 2021

The NFTs from the artist Seven sponsored by SometimesNFTs are heading to new galleries....take a look  !!! 


The following users were assigned for the draw:

PapaT - otoqw.wam
Robertoit - rd3aw.wam
parami520 - bczqw.wam
DrYunani - a52qw.wam
soumyarup - ge1aw.wam
Snaho - 4udqw.wam
Dagger - s1yaw.wam
asscror - mgxaw.wam
PVMihalache -
Crypto-Chris - jh5aw.wam
krisvk83 - g4vqw.wam
I_am_CryptoKing - fzdaw.wam
Razee - f52qw.wam
Sinclair24 - 34eqy.wam
bigs21024 - j4oaw.wam
Alief2011 - g4nqw.wam
Vezo - rvcqw.wam
BitcoinSaint - Isvaw.wam
420fairieT - .wyaw.wam
fdeflash - 2rdaw.wam
Madhu1 - i12qw.wam
Nessa Criptos - hi1qw.wam
Mynima - oh2qw.wam
Halloesh - qfjqw.wam
Oenomel - xvlaw.wam
Nehemiah_era - uahqw.wam
Erdct - 2niqw.wam
GR333N - nsday.wam
SvenCeles - n.nqy.wam
AltKev - 3ngaw.wam
MikeZ - Jl3aw.wam
Travlos Apostolos - kx2qw.wam
Dedretra - bstqw.wam
ProjectJourneyman - pfbqw.wam
Buha74 - b33qw.wam
Kevvooo - sdrqw.wam
tahadoruk - w1mqw.wam
BenKenobi - s1saw.wam
Tgbrk - 3afqw.wam
AP9mc - n.kay.wam
Navidad - 5viaw.wam
Redct - u2kqw.wam
Ricardinho - p.qqy.wam
tvlachak - avgqw.wam


Once again, i want to say thanks to SometimesNFTs team for their generosity and for entrusting me for this GIVEAWAY. Of course, all of this is only possible because of you, so thank you once again to all who support me,  THANK YOU !!! 


Take a look at the video on LBRY and see the full recorded drawn and if you were one of the winners !!!


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The NFTs will be sent during the day to the WINNERS. After that i will leave the transfers logs in the comments. Thank you.


Congratulations !!!!


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