By CryptoBlonde | CryptoBlonde | 16 Jan 2021

The Monster of Rap NFT have now a new owner....let's see the result !!! 


The following users were assigned for the draw:

Monkey Studio
kos4rey - iohaw.wam
BarbaPaul14 - e53qw.wam
PVMihalache -
SvenCeles - n.nqy.wam
cryptokitty - 5viaw.wam
navidad - 5viaw.wam
☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏ - z5vaw.wam
BarryLane - 5tyqw.wam
lemming - q3jaw.wam
Carnegie - sv3qw.wam
Madhu1 - i12qw.wam
Fielding84 - vk4qw.wam
Alter13 - an3aw.wam
jackconiak - pydaw.wam
gordy - mxwaw.wam
Dagger - s1yaw.wam
filotasriza3 - gvhqw.wam
Newman09 - r3oau.wam
colombo83 - 3hsqw.wam
Carlos_1979 - mk1aw.wam
ninus - 514aw.wam
420fairieT - .wyaw.wam
tvlachak - avgqw.wam
AP9mc - n.kay.wam
Boontje2u - jbjqw.wam
Mitsushi - jcvqw.wam
Crypto-Chris - jh5aw.wam
Oenomel - xvlaw.wam
Halloesh - qfjqw wam
Robertoit - rd3aw.wam
Snaho - 4udqw.wam
PapaT - otoqw.wam
soumyarup - ge1aw.wam
krisvk83 - g4vqw.wam
I_am_CryptoKing - fzdaw.wam
Adam Clover - o53aw.wam
SirGerardThe1st - wcyaw.wam
Vezo - rvcqw.wam
BitcoinSaint - Isvaw.wam
fdeflash - 2rdaw.wam
sodo72 - b2qqw.wam
Erdct - 2niqw.wam
AltKev - 3ngaw.wam
Travlos Apostolos - kx2qw.wam
MikeZ - Jl3aw.wam
Dedretra - bstqw.wam
Marcerf - h3iaw.wam
tahadoruk - w1mqw.wam
Wonder - tcvqw.wam
Brv - sx2qw.wam
Redct - u2kqw.wam
BenKenobi - s1saw.wam
Poul-otk - xtdaw.wam
Tgbrk - 3afqw.wam
virusvirus - 215qw.wam
Ricardinho - p.qqy.wam
BardofBurden - zemqw.wam


I want to say thanks once again to all who support me, don't forget that are you guys that make this possible, THANK YOU !!! Whenever i can, i will keep coming with surprises for you all, so keep coming and maybe you're the next lucky one.


Take a look at the video on LBRY and see the full recorded drawn and if you were the winner !!!


Not yet registered on LBRY, FORGET YOUTUBE - you can use my referral link and start earning money just by watching videos$/invite/@CryptoBlonde:8

The NFT will be sent during the day to the WINNER. After that i will leave the transfer log in the comments. Thank you.


Congratulations !!!!


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