MYTHIC GIVEAWAY ---- #18-2K21 NFT GIVEAWAY by CryptoBlonde

By CryptoBlonde | CryptoBlonde | 27 Mar 2021

CryptoBlonde and Tupaca wish you a great weekend and for that nothing better than doing another giveaway, so this weekend is in DOUBLE SHOT !!!

Tupaca needs to know which country he has to go next to look for Apu’s daughter and you can choose which one it will be! Just fill in the form and tell us the story of why Tupaca’s next adventure should take place there 🤩 Make it interesting and adventurous!


The giveaway will be open until Sunday, March 28 22:00 GMT +1

For more information please check the Telegram channel


What can you win?

• 1st place: 1 Taj Mahal NFT + an 'India' set of NFTs
• 2nd place: 1 Taj Mahal NFT
• 3rd place: an 'India' set of NFTs

You can only submit once so think hard on your story before you send it.... The Taj Mahal NFT is a Mythic card with a average price of 400 WAX (+- 100$)



Good luck for everyone !!!


Remember i said this weekend is a DOUBLE SHOT GIVEAWAY ? Don't forget to submit your entry for the giveaway of 10 Rare "Konark" and 10 Rare "Khajuraho" NFTs in the previous post....just click on the link below and follow the rules !





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