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Financial Education #1

By CryptoBlonde | CryptoBlonde | 27 Aug 2020

Finance is an extremely important issue in anyone's life and for that reason personal financial education is a topic that should be learned early on by everyone.

With lessons we are able to handle our money better, plan investments, make and meet the family budget among many other issues making it possible to manage personal resources well, regardless of salary.

Personal financial education is the ability and knowledge that an individual has to take care of their own money in a balanced, strategic and forward-looking manner.

In other words, it is through financial education that you will be able to become more aware of your money, understanding the market, the influence of interest rates, the forms of conscious consumption, responsible credit, personal and family budget planning and investments. Thus, through this knowledge, you start to have a different relationship with money and consumption, planning your actions and achieving much more interesting results.

Contrary to what many people think, financial education is not just something for the rich, but a topic that should be addressed by everyone, as it does not depend on salary. After all, everyone knows someone who, even with a good salary, lives full of debts and another who, even though earning little, manages to pay the bills on time and still fulfill his dreams. This is exactly the difference that financial education can make in a person's life.


Through this knowledge, it is possible to obtain a number of advantages over the others such as:

Make better use of your personal budget

Not always whoever has the highest salary can achieve their dreams because it involves planning and a conscious way of dealing with your money and consumption. Those with financial education can make the most of their personal budget, changing their consumption choices and even their standard of living, always thinking about their goals and objectives.

End debts

Living in debt is something that can bring a lot of harm. Not only in terms of credit, but also increased stress, insomnia, anxiety and even depression and if you don't change the way you look at and spend your money, you can experience a real snowball, with an accumulation of interest and debt, making it almost impossible to get out of this situation.

Avoid unexpected expenses

Even if you have a well-planned financial plan, you may sometimes not be able to do it properly due to unexpected expenses. Credit card purchases that you didn't take note of or that you forgot that were not paid and ended up accruing interest, for example, or other types of issues.

Have more quality of life

Financial education goes far beyond just saving. It concerns awareness about opportunities and risks involving the topic, offering conditions for the person to better decide what to do with their money. This means more quality of life because with finances up to date, you'll have more freedom to realize your dreams and be able to live peacefully and without giving up what you like because of financial problems.

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