DEXToken Protocol - Building the DeFi Ecosystem - CONTEST and $350 GIVEAWAY

By CryptoBlonde | CryptoBlonde | 13 Oct 2020

The Dextoken is a DeFi infrastructure that implements a brand-new speculative automated market maker (AMM) and is managed by the DEXToken Governance (DEXG). The DEXtoken protocol enables the pool liquidity and benefit DEXG token holders by rewarding them a portion of the transaction fee. The automated market maker acts like a decentralized exchange protocol relying on a algorithm to achieve it's price, in this case, the DEXG determines the token price based on it's volatility claiming that they have the simplest price conversion algorithm. Their roadmap is a challenging one and by joining and stake their token you can expect a brighter and smarter future. The team began the work at 2018 and have a clear vision until the end of 2022. THE DEXG is ranked on the top 1000 coins and have a market cap near the $1000 mark. The top 3 exchanges are the VCC Exchange (55%), Uniswap (34%) and Balancer (11%). The biggest holder is at Balancer (41%) followed by Uniswap (8%).

For more details you can look on Etherscan for the following contract: 0xb81d70802a816b5dacba06d708b5acf19dcd436d


Missed the first staking round? You can join LUNA staking round until the 21st of October and expect a 5,250 DEXG reward tokens distributed to holders.

Uniswap Info

You can learn more about the DEXToken Liquidity Model, the benefits, the staking rewards, off-chain tokens and so much more by reading the DEXtoken Protocol WHITEPAPER.


Wan't to be part of the CONTEST ? You can write about anything related to the DEXToken Protocol or the DEXG token.

Check the details HERE


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