TikTok app is a SPYWARE

WATCH OUT - TikTok app is a SPYWARE!!!

By cryptobloger | cryptoblogger | 14 Sep 2020

I have seen many people are selling or search to buy accounts, likes, etc. for TikTok, so I thought it will be wise to warn everyone about this SPYWARE.

CNN reports US lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to warn that the app could pose a national security risk, and are calling on regulators and intelligence agencies to investigate TikTok’s ties to China.


India already banned TikTok and urged users to delete the app immediately.

Of course, now everybody wonders what is so worrying about the TokTok app that it becomes banned and even called national security?

Here are the reasons:

Quote from: SuperTA on July 05, 2020, 09:47:38 AM

Here a video from YouTube showing - TikTok app in action spying on user device.


The origins of TikTok suggest that the Chinese government is involved and this is the best way for them to be the next Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in one.

TikTok CEO, Kevin Mayer, denied that the app was spying on their users and assured the Indian government:

Quote I can confirm that the Chinese government has never made a request to us for the TikTok data of Indian users


Of course, the Chinese government has never made such a request because for sure they have the keys to the TikTok kingdom, there is just no other way to build such an application in China, without the government's full involvement and control. Just like Facebook and they are from the USA

So, I'll leave the assessment to you. For me, it is really scary that they can do literally anything with your device and I definitely recommend removing TikTok ASAP!!!

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