DeFi has taken the crypto market by storm

DEFI SAFETY - here you can check DeFi projects and their smart contracts audits.

By cryptobloger | cryptoblogger | 14 Sep 2020

DeFi has taken the crypto market by storm, new protocols are popping up like crazy and already many people have a problem to even track them.

Don't mention the safety of these smart contracts, nobody knows for sure if they were audited and creators are even hiding the facts about audits or their outcomes.

If you are buying, then for sure you want to be safe as possible, and here comes DeFi Safety website with help.

DeFi Safety - is a new website that gives ratings on DeFi project audits, smart contracts quality and safety.

Quote DeFi asks us to trust smart contracts, rather than companies, governments or individuals. They ask you to trust the code. DeFi Safety checks the code, how it was developed, tested and score the results. Quote We review the public documents, software repository, website, and other documentation and ask the following questions. The answers are documented and a score determined using a set scoring matrix.

And here are the actual audits of all already known and new DeFi projects (smart contracts):

When we click on the audit we are interested in, we will get detailed information, which looks like this:

As we can see Aave has a pretty high audit score, we can click further and see all information about every component of the audit:

I hope that DeFi Safety will help you at least make better decisions when investing in this insane HYPED DeFi projects.

Stay safe and never invest more then you can afford to lose. Peace.

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