Why I prefer to Stake in Nexo

By BabeLincoln | CryptoBL | 25 Apr 2021

Nexo.io is a platfform that allows you to auto-stake with up to 12% yield in stablecoin and 8% yield in cryptocurrency. It also has a collateral loan feature that allows for instant loan approval and funding nearly immediately.

There are several tiers of membership available and they are dependent on holding of Nexo's native token. Holding Nexo allows for higher staked returns which max out when 10% of your porfolio is Nexo.

Having this 10% also grants the lowest interest rates on loans with a low of 5.9% APR. The ability to instantly take a low interest crypt loan is a godsend when crypto markets take a large dip like the one we have seen this week. There is no due date, and it can be paid back with as little as 1 month accrued interest which is thereafter compounded daily. This allows you to buy into the dip, gain on the upswing, and then pay back your loan at the top and pocketing the extra. With a keen understanding of market fluctuations, and the use of Tradingview, it allows you to buy, sell, and strengthen your position even without adding fiat capital into your portfolio. 

There is an in app exchange that allows free trading between all available cryptocurrencies available on the platform, and the ability to withdraw any currency you have held to any address (even ERC-20) 5 times a month free.

Nexo tokens themselves have also been quite profitable due to the increase growth of the platform. The tokens have grown more than 7x in value since I joined in December. At last time of checking they were worth 3.30. They are available on both ETH and Binance platforms and can be held within the platform for yearly dividends in NEXO equaling more than 30% of the platforms profits as redistribution.

In closing, I feel that Nexo is one of the most stable, most profitable platforms around. It is the easiest available for loans without having to worry about liquidation and allows you to profit off of crypto even when you dont have the ability to add liquidity.

check them out at Nexo.io!

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