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By CryptoBiker | CryptoBiker | 10 Feb 2020

Hi all,

I'm writing this post to share with you some information regarding Avalanche protocol, developed by AVA Labs. 

Avalanche is the protocol intended to build platform of platforms, a innovative consensus protocol to build the Infrastructure for Blockchain 3.0. Here you can find their website

AVA democratizes financial markets and bridges all blockchain platforms together into one interoperable ecosystem, the internet of blockchains, smart assets, reactive dapps in any programming language, p2p payments; of course will be maintained high performances, scalability and security, flexibility and customization.

  • Consider Blockchain 1.0 the Nakamoto Era and Proof of Work protocols;
  • Consider Blockchain 2.0 the PBFT Era and Proof of Stake protocols and DAGs;
  • Consider Blockchain 3.0 the new technology that combines the best of the predecessors, inspired by epidemic protocols and gossip networks, that is Snow/Avalanche. 

According to the AVALabs team members and researchers, Avalanche is the mean to solve the Throughput/Latency debate:

Throughput only reflects how much load a system can buffer, while latency only reflects how fast a single user is served.

We will need them both when evaluating a system!

As a demo of the power of AVA, see Athereum, a "spoon" of the Ethereum network. Athereum is 100% Ethereum, running on AVA technology. It's the same Ethereum you fell in love with. Same keys. Same EVM. Same tooling. 
The only new thing is the backend consensus engine. Instead of longest chain proof-of-work, Athereum uses a staking-based linear chain version of the Avalanche consensus protocol.


AVA Labs is launching AVA Hub, the home of the AVA Community. AVA Hub is a community accelerator built to reward community contributions and coordination. Everybody can join AVA Hub in order to contribute to the AVA ecosystem; right now the following profile are welcome:

  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Blockchain Enthusiast
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Content Writer
  • Content Translator

Join AVA Hub at


Useful links:

AVALabs website

Scalable and Probabilistic Leaderless BFT Consensus through Metastability

Athereum, a "spoon" of the Ethereum network.

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