3 Altcoins with insane short term potential

By cryptoball | CryptoBall | 31 Mar 2021

I’ve recently posted an article with 5 altcoins that I am bullish on for the long term.

Now it’s time for some short term gains. I present to you the top 3 altcoins, that in my perspective are the most undervalued gems out there. The best thing about these low cap altcoins is that they are not affected by the Bitcoin price action, unlike the top100 coins, for example. Correlation is very low, hence Bitcoin volatility is a non-issue.

Let’s go.

Number 3: OptionRoom ($ROOM)

OptionRoom is an Oracle as a Service — OaaS and forecast market protocol built on Polkadot. Now we all know Polkadot is not live yet, and the ROOM token still lives only in the Ethereum blockchain. Nevertheless, this is good for early adopters, because the price is really low (only 50% up form all times low). This means that this token has insane upwards potential.


The OptionRoom team is very active, their Twitter is also swarming with bullish announcements and new partnerships. One of the most recent announcement was ‘Extension of Lockup Schedules for VC Investors — reducing monthly VC $ROOM inflation by 75% starting April 5’.

As a bonus, OptionRoom was featured by famous youtuber EllioTrades in more than one of his videos.


Number 2: Frontier ($FRONT)

Frontier is a chain-agnostic DeFi aggregation layer. With Frontier applications, users can participate in protocol tracking and management, staking, liquidity provision, CDP creation & monitoring, and more.

With Frontier mainnet launch on 30 Jun 2021 (or earlier), with constant references from many famous youtubers (BitBoy Crypto included) and with the price already starting the parabolic move, this one is a rocket. Speaking of price action, the FRONT token has recently seen a 50% correction from the all time highs, and has since moved upwards, signaling that the correction is over and we are most probably going to see another 10x prior to mainnet launch.

You can also stake the FRONT token on the AscendEX exchange (formerly BitMax) for a whopping 36.40% APR — with the possibility to compound the earned tokens every day. If you don’t have a AscendEX account you can join with my refferal link and get 10% back on trading fees: https://bitmax.io/register?inviteCode=LVHS0IGQ

Number 1: Armor Finance ($ARMOR)

Armor is a decentralized brokerage for cover underwritten by Nexus Mutual blockchain-based insurance alternative. Leveraging the underwriting capability of Nexus Mutual, it offers pay-as-you-go insurance products and the ability to buy insurance covers without KYC.


Currently at rank #604 on CoinGecko, the ARMOR token has suffered a -70% price correction from all time highs and seems to be consolidating now above the $0.50 mark.

You can stake your armor tokens on various Liquidity Pools that offer more than 200% APY, depending on the DeFi platform (UniSwap, 1inch, SushiSwap) and the pair you choose to stake.

Bonus: ARMOR token is endorsed by tokenmetrics’ Ian Balina on almost all of their Youtube videos, and for good reason, the $34,071,306 market cap makes ARMOR token a steal right now at 50 cents.

That’s all from me, see you in my next article.

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I analyze the markets to find the best low cap altcoin gems, so others don't have to. I make extensive report cards and support my choice with facts.


My mission is to dumpster dive to find the best low cap altcoin gems, so you don't have to. I will make extensive report cards and support my choices with facts. Please be aware that nobody is able to know the future and I too am prone to making mistakes. The best I can do is gather as many facts as humanly possible and present them to you in a digestible format. You can also follow me on Telegram for shorter stories https://t.me/cryptoball1.

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