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By CryptoGem | CryptoAuthor News | 28 Oct 2020


1. Coinbase - earn to learn

It's really simple! Watch videos and answer simple questions to earn 59$ COMP you can exchange to BTC or USDT


  • 6$ in CELO


  • 6$ in MKR


2. Binance - earn to stake

You can stake BNB and receive back CRTK automatically! If you have a Binance account yet, follow this link to stake BNB:


3. Coinmarketcap - (another) earn to learn

  • HELIUM (HNT) Airdrop!

It's simple as like as for Coinbase earn. Just follow this link:


4. 50$ in CRO

Register to through this link: or the apps (iOs:, Android: Insert this referral code: fh49up6s7r. You will receive a 50$ bonus you can claim staking 1000 CRO (around 90$) for 6 months.


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