"Mercenary Faun" artwork creation + testnet Enjin minting process

"Mercenary Faun" artwork creation + testnet Enjin minting process

By pbock | Cryptoart walkthroughs | 25 May 2019

"Mercenary Faun" entry to the Kriptomat Enjin Minting competition

Today, dear Publishian, I'm going to show you:

  • How I created this artwork.
  • How I made it into a (Kovan testnet) Enjin ERC1155 collectible !


Voting link : https://kriptomat.io/erc1155-minting-competition/?d=rwik6


Kriptomat Minting Competition

Kriptomat, a new cryptocurrency exchange that wants to gamify the trading of cryptocurrencies using the Enjin system, has launched a Minting competition.

Kriptomat - First-Ever ERC1155 Minting Competition

Participants with the highest number of votes for their creations can get them minted as real ERC1155 Enjin collectibles, backed by 100$ worth of ENJIN.

Those that don't feel creative can get a few entries in the Gleam contest anyway ;)


For this competition, the creators will not only need to create an artwork, but also register as an Ethereum Developer, link up a testnet Kovan Ethereum wallet in their Enjin Wallets, and Create a testnet ERC1155 of their artwork for voting !!!


1. The Design


I started out with Weavesilk, one of my favorite Generative Art tools.




After creating the basic structure, I ran it through Deep Style, and AI algorithm developed by Google to transfer the 'style' of an image, using Deepdreamgenerator

I created several different Styled images, to see what seemed interesting:



I choose one I liked:





Then proceeded to go into the GIMP image editing software to play around with it:


The next part is... difficult... to explain.


I used a combination of the Kaleidoscopic effect:


and some cutting and rescaling to create this version:


But it didn't quite fit yet, so I went back to Deepdreamgenerator for another couple of Stylizations:


I picked out my favorite version:


Then it was just a question of cutting it down in size:


and making it more symmetrical (I like symmetry ;) )



2. Minting the token


Now that the artwork has been created, we need to make a token for it on the testnet, so it's elligible for the competition !


The instructions are pretty simple:


Here's the tutorial video they created for the Minting:


And voila, here's Mercenary Faun !


Voting link: https://kriptomat.io/erc1155-minting-competition/?d=rwik6



I've also made a second artwork+token:


It's still not available for Voting, as I only just submitted it, but hopefully it helps me get some votes ;)


Hope you liked this post, and that you choose to join the competition !

If you have any comments on the art, don't hesitate to reach out in the comments :)

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