The redpill named: Bitcoin

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It's important to take a decision before reading this article; you only have two pills the blue pill, and the red pill:


  • Blue pill: If you choose blue pill you will read this article, and never more look at Bitcoin, or learn about this new financial system that it will be adopted with the blockchain network, it's your life feel free to make this decision and never more research about Bitcoin, and/or other cryptocurrencies, I will never judge you;


  • Red pill: If you choose to take the red pill you will navigate, and read all the information in this article and will think more about how important is Bitcoin, Blockchain, and other cryptocurrencies to save millions of people from debt, you will read all of my articles and do your own research in more content available online about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other Web 3.0 topics.


What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency created by the mystery person(or organization, who knows?), named: Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer technology that allows users from anywhere(except countries that have blocked Bitcoin), to buy, sell, and trade products and/or other digital assets using Bitcoin.

For some people is digital gold, which means you can store a good amount of money and in the following years the coin will reward you with much more money to save you from inflation.

There are many benefits to holding Bitcoin in your software/hardware wallet, they are:


  • Fight against worldwide inflation;
  • Helping the Bitcoin movement to change Africa and African countries with low-quality payment methods(and sometimes African politicians steal their money);
  • Be a part of the decentralized economy, in which people can decide where/when will buy something without third parties involved;
  • More security than fiat currencies that the only thing that fiat currencies are stable is the way they go down years after years;
  • Etc;


Albert Einstein says: ''The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size'' , and this is also true for Bitcoin.

When you start reading articles, books, and price charts(available at CMC, and CG) you will realize this important revolution that we're seeing in our time.


How to get more money with Bitcoin?


These are several ways you can get much more money with your Bitcoin investment:


  • Miners: You can mine Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies through software/hardware miners but during a bear market could be a bit difficult to get your profits in return;


  • Faucets: Faucets are a good way to get coins for free, you only have to sign up to FireFaucet, and/or other Faucet systems and complete their daily tasks to create good profits;


  • DCA Investments: Dollar cost average in your Bitcoin investments instead of buying all the satoshis at once you can buy the same amount of money from time to time;


  • Trading bots: Another good way to create some profits using Bitcoin is through Trading Bots, you only have to select the right trading pair like BTC/ETH, BTC/USDT, and/or other trading pairs to create some profits, if the market is too volatile you can use the trading bot for only 1 hour and get your desired profit in this selected time(this is not financial advice, only my opinion);


  • Betfury staking rewards: Through Betfury you can hold their official currency(Betfury-BFG) and create a good semi-passive income with the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, USDT, and Binance Coin;




Bitcoin is not only the currency of the future but together with blockchain technology is the future of money.

With anonymity, and security we are changing the world for a better place with our Bitcoin investments.

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