I really love Banano!

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For those who don't know, I particularly enjoy uncovering some undiscovered treasures on well-known exchanges like Kucoin, Okx, CoinEx, as well as social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit(forum).

It might be challenging to locate a reliable coin or token at times, but I'm sharing with you guys/girls a memecoin that I truly adore.

I promise to share with you the following details about the memecoin: Coinmarketcap price today(using USD fiat currency), and sharing some observations, Lists of Banano Faucets that I love it and how to earn more coins, and the utility of Banano in the medical research.

At the end, of this article you will surely understands why I said in the title that I really love Banano.

You will enjoy learning more about the memecoin by reading my article, however to stay up to date with the recently news about Banano, I highly recommend you using their social media channels.

Don't you worry I write all the links of their social media channels in the end of this article!


What is Banano?


Banano is a cryptocurrency that forked off of Nano with the intention of assisting users with their mining operations and serving as a fee-free medium for payments and trades on well-known Exchanges, such as Pancakeswap (wrapped Banano), CoinEx, and many others.

I'm hypnotized by this memecoin because of how actively people participate in the Reddit community, which I adore. I've asked several questions, and the "monkeys" have effortlessly responded.

I highly recommend you posting some content in the Banano community to earn some Banano coins in this subreddit.

Before investing in a certain currency, people search for interaction, and with Banano, we can observe the same level of involvement as was initially observed with Dogecoin.

Oh, and usually you will find this post from the creator of Dogecoin very interesting stuff to understand what is the reaction of a strong person in the cryptocurrency industry about Banano.


Ok, but what about the price?


Unfortunately, we are in a bear market since 2022, but I have a great news from readers, and monkeys: Banano is still increasing their price, people's adoption, and Marketcap even during the end of this bear market!

While the majority of coins/tokens are facing big challenges because of many terrible events of 2022, such as: Celsius crash, Luna bankrupted; Banano is stronger and it's now getting people's attention from all over the world because of their utilities.


  • The price of Banano today is( I'm writing this text in the following date: 01/08/23): $0.005334


And if you see the Coinmarketcap candlestick chart data you will realize that likely Dogecoin, Banano is getting more increasing in the price rather than decreases.

People loves Banano, and  during the future Banano it will skyrocket in their price chart!


Additional note: Recently I saw a website named: MarketCapOf which you can make comparisons about the marketcap of two different coins, to understand what the price of the first coin it will be.

I added a pair of: Banano, and Shiba Inu, and I see that when Banano gets the same Shiba Inu Marketcap the price it will be: $3.53

I'm very bullish with Banano future, don't you?


Do you wanna get paid with Banano? Land a new job in BananoJobs!


One of the benefits of cryptocurrencies is to get paid in your Software/Hardware wallet, and because of that is very simple to find some jobs in the Web 3.0 industry with different fields of knowledge: Writing, Marketing, Software Engineering, etc.

For my own experience, I highly recommend you using Bananojobs

Why? Because you will get payments without fees, and instantly in your software/hardware wallet.

Sounds impressive, right?


Additional note: The Banano community is bigger, for this reason I don't have posted here all the details related to Banano coin/Banano community.

I hope you can understand my mistake, and do your own research before investing in this coin(DYOR).


Stay up to date with the recent news about Banano using their official social media channels:







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