Get a new Web3 job with Evita!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 19 Sep 2022



Web3 is in ascension in many countries around the world, and some people is asking how to get a job in Web3? What's the best platform to connect and get hired?

Let's find more information about the Learn & Earn platform: Evita!


What's Evita?


Evita is a web3 platform that allows users/students to learn different skills and earn their official token named: $EVITA as a reward.

They are sharing different events on their Twitter and with this platform, you have a chance to land a new Web3 job with the experts in this field.

This is like Linkedin but more focused on blockchain space, and Web3 jobs.


Evita is much better than Entre!


Another great platform is Entre where you can connect with different workers, and experts in the cryptocurrency field to earn much more money by holding the token: ''Diamond''.

As long as you understand how it works you will notice that Evita is much better than Entre, because of the following reasons:

  • You can earn money by learning skills;
  • They have a good Trust Pilot reviews; 
  • You can learn at any time in anywhere in the world.


The platform is very intuitive and designed to help new users understand all the basic questions around the project.




It's always a pleasure to me find good projects as: Evita.

You can use Evita in your Phone and/or Notebook as long as you have a decent internet connection everything it will be fine.

Don't waste your time searching for other websites and use Evita today!





Happy day to you, dear reader!

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